Paradise for Sale 10

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
For an alternative view we thought we would take you to the back of the house, which strangely used to be the front, with the old panelled front door and also the new kitchen door leading out onto a huge tiled terrace, difficult to see here though 10 x 5 metres, for mega outside entertaining that goes into shade from the heat of the summer sun from about 13.00 hours. At night the whole area on four sides of the house is floodlit with underwater lighting in the pool, allowing entertaining at all hours!
We are looking here from the garden, past the apple trees across the pool to the fig and palm trees that shows the expanse of the house from a different perspective and it’s amazing coat of special British coating that gives 15 to 20 years of protection and allows the walls to breath. Fantastic! Love, David
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4 Responses to Paradise for Sale 10

  1. cat says:

    Why you want to leave a paradise like that is beyond me as well … but then again, why did I leave my paradise? …–Ox25DCo?rel=0 … Love, christina


  2. William Lambert says:

    Dear David and Eugene, I can see why you bought such a fabulous house – it seems so sad that for some reason you have decided to move on – is it that you feel you must downsize whilst you are still fit and able to make such a move? There must be a hidden reason why it is such a hard sell – I have bought and sold 8 times and several times it was delayed for 2 years or so, for reasons that became apparent afterwards.

    Here, twice I had to wait for the right house for me to buy came onto the market. My previous house went onto the market twice within 8 years and I withdrew it rather than sell below market price. I was travelling 8 months of the year working abroad at the time. The many travels cut into every month of the year. Coming home via Heathrow one evening, my taxi driver said his house was for sale so I inspected it at 9.30 p.m. that evening before he took me home, and I bought this house on the spot privately. It was only 7 years old and they had completely redecorated it from top to bottom, with new curtains, so I bought those also, plus small bits of furniture. Nothing to do except pack up the other house and move in!

    So I wish you well in your endeavours. Love and Light, William


    • David says:

      Thanks William for your encouraging comments and yes, recently I asked the question if there was another reason why we had to move back to Devon and the answer came back: ‘Don’t you have enough already?’ And when we thought about it there are a multitude of reasons, past present and future! Personal, service and family, in that order. No doubt that non-existent element of time will prove like yours that the moment will eventually arrive for the Great Move!
      Stay Well. Love, David


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