If like me you are a searcher after truth you will see what others have to say and hope that what you think concurs with how they see the world in which we have our being. Did I hear you say, ‘No chance!’

I have seen many writings on how this important time is to be grabbed by humanity since it is the moment when we, if played correctly, will be able to leap from the 3rd to the 4th or maybe even to the 5th dimension. There is even a day or a month allocated to Ascension which I believe is Now!

I also see what can only be described as a concussion of confusion as if folks have received a fracture to the forehead by supposing when dimensions are confused with Chakras and the energetic field around us produced by those portals of power, involving movement through our individual ascension into other dimensions. No chance again!

Would you describe the attempts of the human race to manage life on Earth in this 3rd dimension as a success?

We have called this state of being the third dimension and to my mind we have made an almighty mess of managing this once beautiful 3rd dimensional planet, so what chance do you imagine we have of managing any other dimension?

The fact is that this planet Earth is in the third dimension and will stay that way. It is a physical place, it is a revolving sphere in space which was once part of our sun as were all the other planets that compose the Solar System.

The planet reacts to the forces of the solar and universal systems of fluctuating electromagnetic and gravitational powers and also to the actions of the inhabitants that live by building and destroying, using the components of the planet.

There were natural hidden power lines that ran around the crust of the sphere which have been disrupted by the infrastructures built by man such as concrete roads and dams to water cources. There were ancient forests which held the earth in situ preventing landslides and keeping water in abundance. How many river beds are dry now? How many salmon cannot reach their natural breeding streams and how many are killed by landslides?

There have been deliberate atomic explosions by many nations above and below the surface of the earth that have disrupted the magma flows and tectonic tracts that have precipitated volcanic eruptions and land mass movements, which when analysed have not benefitted man but simply detracted from a stable existence, causing untold harm and death to the many species with whom we share our planetary home.

The long term effects to the planet are still unknown! But let me say that one of the basic building blocks of the universe, the atom of Hydrogen, has been compromised into the far reaches of space. Further nuclear experiments could prove catastrophic for not only mankind but for the universe as we know it! Are we really that ignorant or is it that we just don’t care anymore? My first dog was a beautiful cocker spaniel named Kim who was far more intelligent than her present day namesake!

How many wild animals living happily in the wildernesses have been killed by man upsetting the natural balance of nature? Did you see how the re-introduction of wolves has restored the balance to rivers, preventing their bank erosion, in the area of Yellowstone Park? It highlights the delicate balance of nature that until now man has totally misunderstood with its policy of: If it moves you can kill it and hang the trophy on your wall! In that respect even due to ill health I believe that the King of Spain was right to abdicate in favour of his son.

When will man realise that we are not the kings of all we survey? We are the responsible carers, and caretakers of the naturally created countryside! The present mindset echoes the attitude of men to women in many countries of the world. My God, if we cannot get that right what hope is there for the planet and the natural kingdoms of this world. And we still talk about moving to higher dimensions?

We have spoken about the second sky, the invisible dimension that surrounds this world which holds within it the very wisdom that would give each of us exactly what we need to manage this world in the right and proper manner.

There is no Ank or secret Key of Life to give us access to that Dimension of Wisdom, it is open to us all if we would only allow ourselves that amazing opportunity. The starting point of course is something that already exists in a separate dimension but within us, our conscience or inherent wisdom which tells us unequivocally right from wrong, though whether we take note of it is another matter. It is the stepping stone to the Universal Consciousness or Dimension of Wisdom, get that right and we have a chance to move on to greater things.

My dear friends, let’s do all of ourselves the biggest favour and try to connect with that dimension of wisdom and learn even at this late stage how to manage our planet properly with my constant prayer: ‘God save us from our ignorance!’
Dimensionally yours, Hanukah & the Angel,


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  1. cat says:

    uhm … no chance, kiddo … but love your article nonetheless … always, cat.


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