I have a fine focus that involves such an intense concentration that I rarely see beyond the project in the mind. So much so that I can miss friends in the street and have been accused of a snub! Not true of course, just that the consciousness was on something other than walking down an otherwise mundane street, which as you can imagine can assume dangerous proportions when crossing same street!

I have been called a dreamer and you can see why!

Others have the broad focus and seem to see all!
So you might ask, where does this difference spring from? We are all unique which means that our beliefs are different, our feelings are different and our perceptions are so, so different which can easily be seen by the differing reports we give having all witnessed the same event, accident or comment.

You can be on opposite sides of a street or standing together but you will both see things differently because you are different. This is why it is so important to know yourself in order to understand why!

We have spoken of the vibrations that you send out to the Universe which are responded to at the same frequency in order to match your needs, wants and desires, which is again why you should know what vibrations you are emitting.
As it is said: be careful what you ask for as you may be given the lesson to correct your request instead!

We are indeed complex beings and you can have no idea how different we are but at the same time how similar we are, all at the same time, in fact in the same moment! There is a great cry for us to be able to look beyond our petty differences and to become One.

The tragedy is that we are already One but we, being our pig headed human selves, refuse to recognise, accept and to see it, thinking we can do better.

Of course under this heading it must cross your mind about seeing beyond this present moment which throughout the ages some have been given the gift so to do. After all much of the story of Jeshua (Jesus) was written in response to predictions by prophets of the past and way before his birth. The jest of course is that no prediction is written in stone and is at the mercy of the Free-will of humanity.

If you are indeed a student of such matters or even just vaguely interested you will know that such prophesies have been transmitted verbally one to another over many generations, having been channelled, changed and then corrupted to suit the writers in order to bring a form of reality suitable for that moment in time and seen thence as sacrosanct throughout many cults, religions and faiths. Did I say Free-will?

Against this obvious background of established faiths there are the ordinary gifted folk who in the past if not hidden behind curtains of secrecy would have been burnt at the stake for having the heretical presumption to dare to prophesy! And yet Christianity, Islam and the tantalising Torah all claim their root, their beginning from the alphabetical Abraham. So why have we always been at war? Just research that story!

And what of today? Every pier has its Gypsy Rose Lee booth, the stars are printed in virtually every daily newspaper and you cannot surf the Internet without coming across an invitation to a free horoscope and what follows in the future.

Every major town will have its spiritualist church and many ordinary folk have been gifted with one of a host of mediumship(s), complimented only by as many if not more charlatans with more gall that gift.

But the past is gone, the future does not exist and this moment is a gift which is why we call it the present! There are many truly blessed with the gift of prophesy but as I say no prophesy is cast in stone and since the future does not exist it cannot be foretold and no one can see beyond the present moment with certainty.

However this life is unplanned! The course may be set but is then subject to the vagaries of wind and tide of human existence, with the unseen witness closeted in the closed captain’s cabin and with consciousness at the helm with a multitude of probabilities laid out before us as the only chart which can be altered by the gift of Free-will, against or to follow any prophesy, as we see fit we follow our journey from birth to death.

What is given to any ardent searcher is the best of all probabilities as the direction to take which as I say may be accepted or altered to suit one’s own idea of the future to follow, exercising their Free-will. Not true, actually, since it is not the Free-will of your waking consciousness but that of the Spirit which is your consciousness.

The most important time for us all is this present moment, to realise, know and accept who you are in this moment. Understanding that the gift of the moment is the presence within which that moment exists, and live it to your utmost. Seeing beyond this moment is the forward planning that can only be done in the Now to take us where we want to go, beyond where we now stand. This form of compass is so useful! The loving signpost, Hanukah & the Angel


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