Paradise for Sale 9

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
Staying on the garden: Of course spring is magical with various varieties of almonds coming into flower in sequence, some early and some late flowering with the air heavy with the scent of honey for a month or two and the colours from white to bright pink, and I know we started this parade after they had finished but just to show you: This one is just below the Master Bedroom window.
9a Almond below Bedroom - Copy
And here’s a view of the orchard next door at the beginning of early flowering.
9b Almonds in flower 11.02.07
Love to live here and with wonderful memories we will love to leave. Love, David
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4 Responses to Paradise for Sale 9

  1. David… Trust that all is in place.. the buyer is about the fall in love with your wonderful place.. and all is as it should be.. Let go of wanting to sell, and see it sold.. 🙂
    Bless you Sue xxx


    • David says:

      Wise words. Thank you Sue. Love, David


      • I have been watching an Abraham CD… Lol.. the positivity is rubbing off.. 🙂 A sentence struck home.. Once you let go of the wanting.. to see all is as it should be. then all as it should be flows into being.. or something like that David.. So get packing your boxes and know its a done deal! 🙂


        • David says:

          Now to be honest I started packing the garage 3 years ago! A little bit premature but ever the optimist. Ha, ha and yes we are sorting and packing and chucking out … so it’s all in the process. Thanks Sue


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