When I was in the Sea Cadets we were lucky to have an MTB or Motor Torpedo Boat as our headquarters moored on the local river with its engines removed to give us a large parade space below decks. We were taught to salute our superior officers, but it was explained that we were not saluting the people but the rank of the uniform they wore.

Those same superiors first off made the mistake of making me the ships bugler, which I interpreted as bungler not having enough puff to get the notes out. But my musical talents were not lost as I was made Boatswain and learnt to play the Boatswain’s whistle which I played to pipe the officers and dignitaries aboard. No comments please as to how clever the Boatswain was!

Saluting others in these ways would be seen by most as a military mark of respect and acknowledgement of higher rank and therefore to obey in the chain of command.

Later when at college our tutor told us the story of not liking at all the friend of his son. I replied that maybe he saw something in the friend that he did not like and needed to change within himself. ‘That’s a bit deep’, said one of my classmates!

It is a fact that with all the talk about the human race becoming ‘One’ I believe that we still are not ready for that since we do not realise what it entails or means to each of us That is in our waking consciousness, but of course in another sense we are already there!

First thing in the morning you look in the mirror and see yourself so what do you see when you look in someone else’s face?

There is also much talk of finding our Soul Mates. Each of us is unique in more ways than you can throw a stick at so how could you possibly find a Soul Mate with your current consciousness if you understand what the term really means. You might find one or two things that you have in common, but Soul Mate? Never!

Your Soul Mate already exists, but not in this dimension, it is the complete twin of your own Soul and exists to be the link between you and the Divine.

Not only are we all physically, mentally, emotionally and every other ‘ally unique but although we have what could have been described at the beginning of time as identical Souls they are by no means identical now!

Our true nature is far too complex to be described in everyday terms. However, the path of mankind is the same for all of us and the ascent of consciousness is a similarly steep causeway to climb, so in that respect when you look in the face of someone else you do see a part or parts of yourself reflected!

It is a strange dichotomy that even in the face of someone you might not get on with, as I said to my tutor, maybe you see something that needs changing. Just think of the number of people you meet, maybe everyday or those you pass in the street and how many reflections are flashed before you.

At a slightly different level when I greet or say goodbye to someone, with hands together, I may say nothing or just ‘Namaste’, because I am not saluting their rank or status, I am not even recognising their physical appearance, colour or faith, but what I am doing is seeing within them the same spark of light that also exists within me, the essential and eternal spark of the Divine Fire, our Souls, both of which have come from the same Source.

Or you may call it the urge to live, without which I would not exist as a human being in physical form and neither would they and in this respect we are already equal and One. So maybe we are ready, unconsciously, after all! Try telling that to everyone you meet.
What do you think?
Be One with Hanukah & the Angel


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