In a life well before the Christian era in the wilds of Gujarat, in India, I was as poor as a temple termite but I was so happy! So happy in fact that people used to come near to touch me to try to receive some of my happiness. Some did receive, what they came to know as healing, but all I did was unconsciously to show them the way to heal themselves, by supposedly receiving, but in fact by finding happiness within and for themselves.

A smile never left my face and a joke was never out of any conversation, far from the austere, rigid and self flagellating ideas of the later Christian era in which we continue to live and suffer. For what? Wires have certainly become crossed since the birth of Jeshua (Jesus) who gave us a similar message of love and happiness.

In a life in ancient Egypt not long after the cataclysm that saw the end of Atlantis and the massive shifting of the continents I was a doctor scientist, performing operations on poor unfortunates with everything from broken limbs to brain tumours brought to me by poor parents whose children were suffering, but only in the Temple Beautiful where I could help them all. I was not in the business of mind altering for the sake of creating a slave race for our Lords, Masters and Pharaohs.

Some in this day and age have been gifted since birth with a level of consciousness that is nothing less than happiness and does not allow into its cognisance anything that is against that feeling, that inner joy and acceptance of the natural state of Well-being. It’s almost as if these beings cannot understand that others could feel anything else in their waking consciousness.

These I believe are the true healers, they are either never ill or have a condition that reminds them of their vulnerability to appreciate in others and their own humility, and therefore accept and allow that it is the same right of everyone else on the planet. Their gift of healing actually extends to all living creatures, despite what they have to put up with themselves, through which they still find joy and happiness in this gift of grace!

The rest of us in this life have not only to accept the gift in the first place but then to attend some school, college or federation, or in these days even a university to bring that gift into an acceptable form that the rest of the healing fraternity and the laws of humanity will permit us to practice.

There are those as I say who have never had a lesson in their lives and yet have a supreme gift of healing that extends into the inner workings of the body that even after attendance at a school are foreign to the rest of us down to those components that are hard to see even with a microscope. True healers!

I am blest to have one of these amazing masters as my lifelong companion in this life whose humility kept this secret from me until others from a thousand miles away reported on his abilities to cure conditions beyond the craft of consultants, specialists and healthcare professionals who were in awe of the client’s progress.

Folks marvel at the instrumentation found in the tombs of ancient Egypt which were the tools of my trade back then when trepanning was a daily operation to relieve pressures, clots and tumours in the brain and my regret is that the knowledge which was commonplace then has had to be relearned over again.

We imagine that we are so clever, sophisticated and technologically advanced today that we give no credence to what has gone on before, of course without that essential physical proof! Even the progress in research through many fields including healing are attributed to the doctor, professor or researcher involved instead of to the avenue of data transference and information that comes from … well let’s be bold: Universal Consciousness!

My friends and colleagues in the healing field will understand what I am talking about having been schooled in allowing themselves to receive and to transmit the healing energies necessary to help those who cannot find Well-being and happiness for themselves.

Never forget that Well-being, joy and happiness are yours by right, you don’t even have to ask for it, they are yours if only you would accept them. Look for them every minute of every day, concentrate on them with your first breath of the day and the last breath before sleep and try to be aware of those three being with you constantly.
With love and healing energies from Hanukah & the Angel.


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9 Responses to HEALERS

  1. My dear friend David, once again a wonderful post which resinates so deeply within my soul, I too have had similar past lives and as a healer I agree with you and the comment from Sue wholeheartedly. I had to suffer in previous lives and this life before i was able to open myself up to the powers of healing and realise that these powers were at my fingertips, part of my very soul. Healing energy through deep should searching, meditation and connection to my guides and higher self were concentrated on me first and they still are, and as i grow in strength my own healing powers and energy expand. I realise that I have to keep on looking and learning in order to gain strength, gain confidence and grow my skills in order to help others.
    Namaste my friend


  2. “My friends and colleagues in the healing field will understand what I am talking about having been schooled in allowing themselves to receive and to transmit the healing energies necessary to help those who cannot find Well-being and happiness for themselves.”

    So true David.. and still we healers have had to learn to open ourselves up to allow ourselves to be healed.. Healing comes from within… something we healers can often forget as we channel that energy.. If the receptors block that energy our healing will not always take affect..

    Love and Light David and I enjoyed reading another excellent post


  3. William says:

    Thanks for this revealing one, Hanukah! W.


  4. cat says:

    I probably really don’t have a clue, what you are talking about, David, but then again, I do very much so … in my own way … because i know about stillness and happiness and well being … beyound anything that anybody could ever teach me … I am 58 years old … and just decided a while ago to just travel on in my own way of believing … after a few months of “shedding” (as I call it, smiles) … I am now free to travel on … on my own terms … have made some dear travel companions … but always ready to let go … always … so lovely … always, cat.


    • David says:

      As Sue says it really comes from within and if these posts help in just a small way my job is done. Blessings on your journey Cat. Love, David


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