In this time of Discernment it pays to review, in the process of knowing yourself and not only understanding, but bringing up to date your beliefs – what is really going on within and also outside of yourself.

Do not forget that the purpose of the ever present Grace of the Lord is to make you attentive to everything and everyone!

I was led to believe that the Buddha taught that we should try to maintain the same state of bliss throughout pain, suffering, joy and happiness.

Well in my latest review it appears that what the Buddha actually gave was a gentle warning to avoid those experiences that bring the opposite to happiness! What Buddha actually said was to have no desire for anything such as desires that will impede you to be happy!

You see our emotions are affected by the news we receive through our senses that can naturally make us feel happy or sad as those transmissions appear in our consciousness.

The strange thing is that the vibrations that issue from what happens around us can appear in our consciousness in advance of the feelings and emotions that are generated in response to our senses and get transmitted into our consciousness, by say sight and/or sound.

It’s like a double whammy just to reinforce the effect. As if we needed magnification to make sure we get the message!

Actually of course it is a carryover from the amazing transference of feelings and beliefs, via vibrations, from adults to children that occurs before the children can understand language or communicate in any meaningful way.

Something we have mentioned in the past and which parents in particular should bear in mind with very young children, especially those in loco parentis, like teachers, priests, choir masters and carers, not bearing the full responsibility!

In this respect out of sight does not mean out of mind, where mind is synonymous with consciousness and Spirit, for although sound carries, vibrations spread out in all directions and can be picked up through supposedly solid walls. The gentle reminder here is to take great care with your own words and feelings as they can affect others!

Ears, eyes and senses of smell are useful and when one sense is lost we know that often others will compensate, but in view of the above it is also as well to remind ourselves that the senses themselves do not have a consciousness of their own.

Although the cells that make them up have their own volition responsive to your own master consciousness, mind and Spirit, but the world famous and profoundly deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie could feel the vibrations that most of us are blind and even deaf to! With undeveloped senses it is perhaps easier to understand the reception of vibrations by very young children!

So how do you react to good news and bad news?
I am so sensitive, now, that I have to be careful what I watch on the box from news to documentaries. I can easily feel unwell and constantly receive the jibe, ’but it’s only a film or a story!’

If you are alone you can make choices that suit you, but if in a partnership and there is no real understanding of the way not just the story or the news can affect you, but actually the vibrations that are produced by the pictures that are presented to you, there can be a problem with what you watch or if you watch at all.

Many partners although they do not communicate during the process of watching, like to watch together and if one does not wish to watch there can easily be misunderstanding and the other will not watch either, possibly feeling let down or not wanting to be with.

The good news is that when you understand how you are all feeling and how things affect you, which can only come from frank discussion the understanding can lead to knowing yourself that little bit better and also those around you which eventually they will appreciate also in the quest of knowing themselves. That is if they are of like mind!
Look for the good news with Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to GOOD NEWS – BAD NEWS

  1. David, its hard when we become so sensitive to the news.. I know my own emotional energy is at times fragile if I am subject to the constant bombardment of the negative..
    While we know the negative happens.. IF we put our emotions into it… we give it power… So your words are correct.. we should home in on the GOOD, the positive. Allowing our energy to focus within this joyous emotion allows us to exude a lighter, brighter vibration…
    What we think, we create.. and what goes around comes around.. So lets keep our emotions topped up with Happy thoughts..
    Love and Blessings David.. Lovely article..
    Sue xox


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