Paradise for Sale 8

Casa de la Paz (The House of Peace)
Our home in Spain (Up for Sale)
One year we really wanted to see what nature had to offer, if untouched by human hand, after hand raking the ploughed field into our orchard garden, the mower was used purely to prepare pathways through the natural wilderness and the rest left to do its own thing and this was the result – gorgeous wild flowers in abundance!
8a Wid Flowers 8b Wild Flowers 8c Wild Flowers
So the choice is yours, now we enjoy half and half! With a preponderance of wild fennel just right for the fish in the Mediterranean diet! After the autumn mowing the scent in the garden is overpowering!
So following the ground control of last week and the rest of the wild flowers, those of you ecologically minded will be pleased to know that all the nuts and fruits are organic and we even have a wildlife pond at the far end of the garden for our family of frogs and the scarlet dragon flies to enjoy, it’s a joy to complement rather than compete with nature!
8d Pond
I made a deep cave for the frogs to hide in … we hear the plop, plop, plop as we approach but can’t catch them on film! The Swallows & Martins and scarlet dragon flies skimming the water for a drink with black & yellow and bright blue butterflies are a treat feeding on the nectar laden wild flowers and tree blossoms! Love David
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One Response to Paradise for Sale 8

  1. Wonderful Meadow, and love your pond…. I had five frogs on the last count in my own small oasis lol… If I were 30 yrs younger and starting out,, I would just LOoooove to be in your paradise.. Wishing you well in future interest of buyers David xox


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