Small is beautiful! Was the cry of a colleague from the past.
I was one of the Catering Equipment Division Product Managers and John Small was the Technical Guru and we were often sent out together to sort problems on Microwave Ovens for Philips Electrical Ltd.

The frequent cause of screams of pain and anguish was a lady in a school meals kitchen having dialled in too long a time for a meat pie and the jet of steam through the pastry topping from the sauce inside that produced a blister on her wrist, she accused us of selling a radiation generator instead of a food heater!

You see we had to preach that:
“Small is beautiful”. So remember to use a microwave just to heat but not to cook or choose a lower power than full to do so. Countries like Russia have banned them since too high a temperature kills the enzymes in food!

We watched a program on space and the relative size of the heavenly bodies, and our home planet of Earth is in fact minute compared to the enormous stars and planets even in just our own galaxy like Jupiter in the Solar System never mind the giants further afield.

An old globe revealed the extent of the British Empire with its rose pink colouration of countries, some of which still belong to the Commonwealth and when you look at how small the United Kingdom of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland is, the size of the Empire compared to its small source is mind boggling!

The latter of Scotland even now preparing for a referendum with the hopes of some to make the UK even smaller beggars belief. Yes, ‘small is beautiful’, but come on guys there are limits!

Each one of us humans is small in the grand scheme of things and yet we still think that we can behave like God, patenting the seeds he gave us, patenting the very Genes that permitted us to receive consciousness.

The strange thing, that is missed by most: there is a portion of the Divine within each one of us, more powerful than we will ever know in this life but during this life is powerless and just a passive witness.

There is a lot of talk about the power behind the power or the conspiracy theory that we are in fact ruled by faceless hidden figures and that the rest of humanity are mere slaves which when you realise the extent to which GMO crops are now used and their seeds guarded and charged exorbitant fees for.

Thus ruining poor farmers who also have to buy the chemicals to make them grow at the expense of the natural world around them the power begins to show itself, many are driven to suicide and I for one in the face of this feel even smaller and less powerful than my actual physical size. We need to come together to beat this virulent menace.

It seems that the Ego of some having reached gigantic size demands ever more and more power and wealth to placate its voracious appetite. When in business I was never impressed by pieces of paper and glowing references and far more attracted to those with ‘A’ levels in Common Sense!

In view of the obvious disaster that Genetically Modified Crops are proving both to us, the crops grown next door and the natural world in general I wonder where is the common sense that is blinded by profit, erroneously thinking that they can do a better job than God?

Thinking small has become a natural reaction to the grandiose thinking of the few who think that they and not governments rule the world. As many of you will know we need to downsize from the mansion that we two we happy two rattle around in at the moment in part because of the realisation that it is beyond us and that our true purpose awaits us elsewhere. We can’t wait for small to arrive in our lives!

Many are through forces external to themselves or from inner realisations like our own are downsizing, becoming self sufficient on a relatively small space of usable ground and are revelling in the happiness that all of this movement brings.

We renovated our 7 bed mansion with the purpose of bring peace and tranquillity to others far from the madding crowd and giving some of our accrued spiritual insight and in the process learned the lesson of small, but we wonder why in other cases people saddle themselves with the weight of huge responsibility around their necks with space that is proving just too much?

Luckily many are finding this out, due in part to the economic climate, and not a moment too soon!
Think small with Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to SMALL

  1. “Many are through forces external to themselves or from inner realisations like our own are downsizing, becoming self sufficient on a relatively small space of usable ground and are revelling in the happiness that all of this movement brings.”

    Here is the key… Even in the EU over the weekend.. People are voting to downsize as they think the EU has too much power.. the Changes are happening David.. right before our eyes 🙂


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