No not the ones in the local Nick, Cop Shop or Police Station we’re looking much closer to home to between the 60 to 90 million cells or should that be trillion, anyway its telephone numbers that exist in all our bodies, each with their own volition!

Not many of us give them much thought, they are just there and get on with their job and not much we can do about it, some replaced in 48 hours and all in 7 years, but it may surprise you to know that cells are like horses! If you direct them in the right way they will go the right way and farmers of old would say if you give them the right commands and encouragement they will plough a good straight furrow.

Conversely if you feed them too many oats and let them go in any direction you know what will happen and chaos could be the least of your worries. So similarly if you feed your body with the right food for you in the right quantity the cells will be the right size but if you are starved or eat like a glutton again you know what will happen too.

It is not only food that matters to your cells because your nervous reaction to all manner of things and situations in life can also affect the reaction of the body and of course you will know that as the Spirit cannot speak it will react to your thoughts and actions through the nervous system and bring its feelings and frustrations through the body to let you know what is happening at that level.
It’s up to you to take note and discern the cause!

There is a tendency to treat bodies like machines providing fuel and lubrication on a regular basis to keep the motor running smoothly as you imagine, but we are not machines however magnetic and electrical the scientists say that we are, we are organic beings and although machines can do with a regular service every now and then, on time or mileage, I’m afraid the same does not apply to us.

In fact we need two forms of rest, sorry I told a bit of a fib just now, because of course you know that we are both physical and spiritual beings. The first form of rest is a good 8 hours at night with maybe a snooze at lunch or siesta time but also at irregular intervals the body benefits and in particular the digestive system to a rest from food when the mood takes you.

Not having to concentrate on three meals a day will help the digestive system and allow the body to balance and the body will have time to concentrate on something equally important like self healing.

There is an overriding principle whereby the volition of the cells is under the control of your own creative consciousness, imbued with self healing so long as the thoughts of your consciousness are at the right level of Well-being and not of doubt or self denial.

It is therefore highly important to make sure that your thoughts and feelings are based on the beneficial body actions and reactions to promote the ideal level of health, rather than complaining about pains and discomforts inflicted by your own lack of concern and your imagining that you have incurred something far worse than indigestion!

I know some of us have to have cellars for a safety refuge and others for a constant temperature to store their vintage wines, but I’ve never had one and don’t fancy it much, but as far as the body is concerned it’s important to visit the cellar and really understand what is going on down there in your cellular world upon which the rest of you relies.

My one maxim that confuses many applies:
“Talking to yourself is the beginning of wisdom!”
By communicating with Soul, Spirit and Body through your HPT is one thing, but talking to those areas of concern in the body, one at a time is, I can confirm through personal experience, a wonderful way to Well-being.
Communicate with your cells for the better, with Hanukah & the Angel.


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  1. I totally agree… Feed the right mixture to our Mind Body and Spirit and it will Feed your Soul…

    Loved your thoughts on this David.. 🙂 Sue


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