How often do you here members of the family or friends complaining about all the stuff they have to do, all the chores like cleaning and washing, cooking and generally managing their lives, which like most of us are regulated by the clock?

How often also do you hear of couples complaining that one has been waiting to have a particular job finished like putting up a shelf or clearing accumulated rubbish either in the house, the garden or the garage?

As far as the latter is concerned there is a very good reason why none of us should allow rubbish to gather both in the house garden or garage since rubbish also accumulates stuck energies that can inhibit your Well-being because they are just a physical symptom of the traffic jams in the corridors of the consciousness in your own mind and the minds of those who have to share that space with you.

But here’s the thing:
You have to be ready! Which may sound strange but as I always say, which to my friends and family just sounds like excuses, I think for 95% of the time and do the job for the rest of the 5%.
Why is that? You may ask. Well to me it’s like psyching myself up to the task in that I have to be in the right frame of mind or consciousness to get the job done in the best, easiest and happiest way possible.

If you are overburdened by things which you feel you have to do, then the timing is obviously not right for you. Yes, I know there are certain things that will not wait! Nature for instance has her own clock and the grass continues to grow so your effort to mow the lawn has to be at a time to suit you, not necessarily at the same time each week but at a time when finished you can sit back and admire your handiwork with a nice cup of coffee and glory in your green sward!

Cows don’t wait for you either and if you chose to be a dairy farmer you know that the herd will be heading towards the portal of their paddock before you even get your boots on as milking time approaches and at its conclusion you will see the fruit of your small part in that amazing enterprise as the milk enters the churns or the transport. Oh! That takes me back to my time on the farm as a young boy when I was given a tin mug of warm unpasteurised full cream milk to drink.
Sheer happiness!

Now this is the secret, as if you needed me to expound further! When you feel the stuff has to be done what would happen if it was not done? What is the worst thing that could happen?

Do it when you know that you will be happy at the final result. I have spoken about the cleaning of our collection of brass that needs cleaning and polishing regularly, but you know I remember a custodian of a National Trust Lordly Mansion telling me that they only clean twice a year and that is exactly what I do but at a time to suit me. You see, no time limit but when I’m ready and I know it’s going to look great when done. That’s the secret!

It’s the old adage of concentrating on the remedy not the problem!

My better half was told not to procrastinate so much which I believe is not so much because he does not want to do those things but because he has put so much on his own plate that he has in fact too much to cope with doing so much for me and for other people. Nevertheless his procrastination is I believe, merely a manifestation of his being ready and knowing that when the task is done he will be happy.

Now is that not our primary aim?
Are we not all after the same goal of joy and happiness. I understand that he being a wise old bird knows that he has to be in the right frame of mind so that what may be seen as procrastination by others is his inherent wisdom telling him to wait for the moment when he will simply reach the level of consciousness that manifests in our waking conscious minds as happiness!

Don’t let anyone else tell you what to do and when to do it. Do it when you are ready and looking forward to the end result, it may take a couple of minutes or several days of patient understanding and execution, but it is your way and that is the only way it should be!
Do it your way with Hanukah & the Angel
PS. Don’t forget that every action may be seen as service to man but is in fact service to the Lord, whether you believe it or not!


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