Should Gary Barlow be made to give back his OBE? Which was awarded, not for being a pop star which he was very good at and gave pleasure to millions, but for his charitable works.

It is as if those who judge him guilty of avoiding tax, which was a scheme he was encouraged to join with many others. It’s as if repaying the money is not enough and that he must be pure in all areas of his human being. Were the rules and regulations not sufficient to deter this kind of avoidance which let him get involved in the first place?

Let those who are without sin cast the first stone!

Have those whiter than white individuals who would judge him never gone home from the office with a piece of paper or a paper clip? Or is it that they feel they are aggrieved that they never earned enough to be tempted into such a scheme?

We are human, we are not pure and if we believe what our conscience tells us what we know to be right from wrong then each of us is aware. When you consider the life of a so called saint in depth you may find that in early life there was a tendency to act like a warrior rather than a priest and therefore no doubt killed many like the warrior monks who joined the Crusades.

Look at any religion and you will find similar stories, but I am not aware that Gary Barlow killed anyone! Or perhaps not killing but that certain Popes sided with the Nazis or other undesirables but were still Canonised.

We wonder why there are so many groups like Boko Haram and Al Quaeda
whose actions are the nearest to revenge backed up by the latter verses of the
Quran that override the primary verses and allow for the actions taken by these
fanatical groups, who not only seek to convert or to kill Christians, but also other
Muslims who live by the initial Quran and do not subscribe to Sharia Law which
treats women in particular as chattels to be bought, sold or kept in ignorance.

There are far more important issue to spend our time contemplating than OBE’s
wouldn’t you say?
Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to SAINT OR SINNER

  1. On one hand you do charitable work and on the other, commit illegal acts, does not make up, nor void out, one for the other. However, wrong is wrong. When we find it inconvenient to do the right thing in one situation, what else might we deem worthy in the future. From a higher standard we do not budge no matter the excuse, nor convenience. Out of respect for ourselves and others, we have an obligation to be the example, something unlike the usual comings and goings of the blind leading the blind. And until we can be the master of our own domain, man will need laws reminding him he isn’t. Blessings… Sharon


  2. Oh most definitely David .. I was sick of hearing about it all… And I expect those spouting off have a nest egg tucked away somewhere or other too…
    I totally agree with you here… OMGoodness when will they get to grips that ALL tax is daylight robbery… I think if we really looked into the Tax system,, We pay when we work, we pay on whats left over that we save. We pay on clothes VAT… we pay car tax, NI stamp duty.. we pay hidden Green taxes on fuel,, we pay tax on our pensions should we have had the where with-all to save for our old age through hard working.. We even have to pay inheritence tax should we pop over and leave our family too much in the coffers..

    Its the TAX system that is at fault .. They are shouting very loud about poor Gary… what about all those companies which use us to get into Euro, and who come into the UK and have their head offices abroad so they do not pay the right amount of Tax.. Lets get a grip and tackle the real problem of the world..

    Phew… that got that little taxing subject off my chest 🙂 hehehe


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