Beware, beware, there be Dragons …
It seems that mankind has all along had almost a fetish for the fight of good against evil, since if god is good there must be an opposite, that manifests in making law after law to be able to charge, prosecute, judge and incarcerate any who are guilty beyond reasonable doubt, but as one man said, found guilty but may not be so. In fact many have been murdered by the state when innocent all along. Let’s face it it’s all about power. Power over us!

We even fight disease instead of learning how to work with the body to let it go.

Witness the patron Saint of England: A knight in full armour for ultimate protection mounted on horseback spearing a dragon, the epitome of evil, with his standard of a red cross on a white ground and named St George, assumed to be a good English name with even our latest Prince and third in line to the throne of England named George of Cambridge.

And yet until the 13th century we were actually a nation without a specific Saint, and it is rumoured, purchased St. George from the City Fathers of Genoa, always out to make a swift buck! At which point all other spurious saints were banned from England. At least the way he is invariably depicted shows the triumph of good over evil, however we see it manifesting in the world in which we live.

I believe that there is no Prince of Evil and that evil only exists because we allow it into our consciousness. Yet if you watch the news these days it’s difficult to decide who are the goodies and which are the baddies! When all are trying their best in the only ways they know how to find freedom. Or is it power again?

What concerns me are the methods that some employ, driven by the dragons that drive us to the limits of our endurance during uprising after uprising, where if some have their way the borders of the world are being redrawn in blood of the innocence as unrest has lain like a sleeping dragon under the surface and suddenly awakes setting fire to vehicle tyre barricades, busses and whole villages with its breath of bullets, brimstone and fire, destroying whole communities in its wake. No country, it seems, is free of the dragon’s breath!

When we turn the key of life in the lock of memory we see recorded in many a myth the fiery breath of dragons flying through the air long before we even invented the glider never mind a jet, rocket or flying saucer.

I believe that the craft that bemuse and intrigue us now have been with us all along, hidden like the sleeping dragons but wrongly associated with them because that was the only way for the folks of early times to find an image that matched the phenomena. Strange that, since if it was their fiery breath they would have to have been flying backwards! But far from being dragons they might have been our ultimate benefactors, our fairy godmothers!

What is more important to the human race right now is to face up to our own dragons in this age of increasing energies as secret and invisible as our sleeping dragons that only enhance and drive us to extraordinary extremes when what we actually need to do is to tame and control our dragons, however they may manifest in our waking conscious minds, so that in the interplay between the conscious and sub-consciousness in the sleep state of REM or dreaming we begin to obtain control and set up the principle of peace.

This is one of my pet projects at the moment as many dreams often result in battles of one kind or another manifesting in unconscious physical attacks on anyone within hitting or kicking distance!

So we need to calm our dragons into submission and to divert our hot headedness from violence to simple aggression as a step in the direction of living a more forceful life in the most positive and peaceful way possible. How about aggressively positive?

We can pander to the pandemic and allow them to spit their fire in the face of good or evil purely for our own sakes according to our own ways of searching for freedom. Or by using reverse psychology we may divert their attention to a softer more peaceful warm and loving agenda. As usual it is up to us and the best way to achieve this turnaround is to associate with others of like mind, of peaceful purpose, soft voice and gentle pursuits giving the aggression freedom to manifest in active, consummate compassion for all.

Once your dragons are tamed and under control you don’t have to chain them as in ‘Merlin’ but you can let them go free once you teach them to love!
Free your dragons with Hanukah & the Angel

I thought it was an appropriate moment to post this poem by ANON
in my book, but I am sure was by my one time teacher Ivor James now passed on:

There was a time when in my daily prayer I asked for all the things I deemed most fair and necessary to my life. Success, riches of course and ease and happiness, a host of friends, a home without alloy, a primrose path of happiness and joy.

Ambition ruled my way, I longed to do great things that all my little world might view and whisper – wonderful! O Patient God how blind we are until thy shepherd’s rod of tender chastening shall lead us on to better things.

Today I have but one petition Lord, teach me to love.

Indeed it is my greatest and my only need. Teach me to love not those who first love me but all the world with that rare purity of broad outstretching thought that bares no trace of earthly taint, but holds in its embrace humanity and seems to see only the good in all, reflected Lord from thee.

Teach me Father how to love the most those who stand most in need of love, that host of people who are poor and sick and bad whose tired faces show their lives are sad. Who toil along life’s way with footsteps slow and hearts more heavy than the world can know.

People whom others pass discreetly by and fail to hear the pleading and the cry for help amongst the tumult of the crowd, people whose anguish makes them cold and proud, bitter, resentful, sullen in their grief. I long to bring them comfort and relief, to put my hand in theirs and at their side walk softly on, a faithful fearless guide.

O Saviour, thou the Christ truth though ever near help me to help those lost ones doubly dear because they need so much. Help me to seek and find that which they thought was lost, to speak such words of cheer that as we pass along the wilderness will burst forth into song.

O Love Divine how empty was that prayer of other years that which was once so fair, those empty baubles that the world calls joys are nothing to me now but broken toys outlived, outgrown. I thank thee that I know those much desired dreams of long ago like butterflies have had their summer day of brief enchantment and have gone.
Today I pray for better things, thou knowest, Lord above, my one desire now.
Teach me to love.
Please God teach us all to Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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