You’d have thought that being a Taurean and behaving like a bull in a china shop and rushing in where angels fear to tread on occasions, an energy from a life as a Musketeer, would mean that I was not averse to a bit of chaos and change in my life.

I know that if I am in chaos I am in the right place to exercise all of my God given gifts and talents but, like my daughter – who denies it of course – there only has to be a small change of position of the jam pot in the cupboard or the shirt hanging in the wardrobe and we cannot see it. We do not do change! And it is one of my tasks right at this moment, since my partner does not consider position, if it needs to go in a cupboard it will go in a cupboard – where is apparently of no consequence – for me to accommodate change in a big way in my life, and not only because I know there is a big change coming, but I am aware that it is a factor of my focus that needs attention.

I have a cute focus! So cute as I’ve said before you have to shout or wave a hand in front of my face to get my attention when I am concentrating on something, so I know that my attention needs to be broadened. Conversely my other half has such a wide focus that he leaves all of his channels open all at once and has changed from a warier into a worrier and needs a more defined focus. Someday we may find a happy balance between the two of us. In the meantime we have learnt not to blame the other if we mislay something just because we put it out of place and not the other! Of course we all strive for balance and although the above differences did cause ructions to begin with, which I explain as the passion in our relationship, we are told that together we make an almost perfect person. Nice!

Accommodating change is a challenge but can also be fun: a bit like hide and seek or Easter Egg Hunting! The secret of any radical move from the status quo, if you are not all in on the secret, is to make it a game with joy as the reward. Don’t get upset either, because you will all be happy with the new plan, whatever form it takes in a very short space of time.

This can also tie in with the frequent aversion to authority since we can look upon the one who makes the change as being the one trying to impose her or his authority over the rest of us, whereas in their eyes they are only trying to make life easier for all concerned. In general!

Of course we may see the change as such a tremendous contrast that it hurts, but just look at that change and try to see it for what it is. If you are like me and prefer to be stuck like a good old Taurean which I am trying to leave behind, and I have to say that it is slowly working and that I am realising the benefits that come along with change.

It makes me broaden my focus which is exactly what I need, I am in a much better position to assess and decide on the new setup, and strange as it may seem I feel empowered. My increased or even forced decision making, rather than judgemental attitude, gives me a more powerful creative consciousness, gets me out of my comfort zone and yes, makes me appreciate what others are doing which gives me a new sense of freedom to choose and to create in my life.

As an artist I value contrast and will often put colours together that others find disturbing, make them blink or look twice, which to me is great. They don’t have to know anything about me or for me to explain my work. What they see in my work is what they see as they make their own interpretations!

So change, contrast and reactions are all good whether they love what I do or hate it it’s all the same to me, a comment is a comment which also applies to those that I receive from posts like this one on my blog.

In this respect I try to vary the content giving different viewpoints and as much as possible on the contrast and the change that exists between the different interpretations of the spiritual side of life.

I hope that you enjoy these posts but more than that, in this instance, I sincerely hope that you can see the relative values of contrast and change in your lives and accommodate them for your highest good and the benefit of all those around you.
Change for the better with Hanukah & the Angel.


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