You must be familiar with this moment in the evolution of mankind as the Time of Discernment. In fact together with the Time of Ascension which many believe to be a current phenomena it has been going on, it would seem, under the surface for a very long time, but in my view only because mankind has been unwilling to recognise it, having far more important things to consider like how much profit to make, as if they could take it with them when they go!

I wonder why that is since there have been enough nudges from Prophets and Masters over the centuries and if we would only open ourselves not only to the inherent wisdom within ourselves, but also that which is stored within the Earth itself, I wonder who would take notice and if so how long it would be before the following generations would succumb to the idea of preserving rather than raping and depleting the Planet?

Even at this late stage: when following the various uprisings those countries are still in a mess not knowing how to form a democratic society having been used for so long to dictatorships of one sort or another. It’s a bit like joining the army where you can easily get used to the discipline because you know that you are just following orders and the responsibility is not yours any more but squarely on the golden epauletted shoulders and scrambled eggs on the peaked hat of someone else, whom you may never meet, sitting behind a desk! But let me say that I believe that it is still not too late to make a difference and reverse the trend of rape and devastation.

So where does your responsibility lie?
In the army you are told what to wear, when to wash, how to fold and care for your clothes and even how to make your bed and if you fall foul of following orders how to clean the latrines! But back in civilian life you are suddenly faced with a multitude of responsibilities which incur difficult decisions for you to make with no one else to blame.

You are in control again and can exercise your likes and dislikes, you make judgements every day and you are responsible for yourself, and in time if God wills it, a family, siblings and probably parents. But did it ever occur to you that out of the army you don’t have to make decisions about who should live or die but in fact I believe that our joint responsibility extends beyond our personal, family and national borders to include the whole of the rest of humanity. It does, however, involve telling right from wrong and in your heart of hearts you need no one else to make those kinds of decisions for you. In another sense it is said there is no right or wrong only different ways! Just make sure yours are for the good of all and cause no harm.

But I am sickened by the ignorance of those who deny the education of anyone since it is only through proper teachings that mankind can learn how to live and how to care for and, even at this late stage, how to save our beloved Planet and all its inhabitants from extinction. Witness the latest 2000 who lost their lives in mud slides due to deforestation! But what do you say to families that can only exist by cutting down trees to make charcoal?

I am not one of the young computer geeks, being as un-savvy as they come, and use this medium only to get my message across, but it is heartening that with the spread of smart phones and sun based cooking and simple solar electronic charging devices and the provision of light at night in a continent like Africa, and I am hoping against hope the Middle East, education will find its way into every home however humble.

This current leap in the evolution of communication gives millions more the opportunity to make informed decisions for themselves and of course it enables you to make your own decisions as to what food to buy, where to get the best deals, what car to buy, to find the best school for your kids, the list is endless because the Internet is endless.

But in making those decisions about what’s good for you and what goes into your mouth, do you also give any consideration as to what comes out of your mouth?
If as I believe you are truly responsible for everyone: before you speak, or in my case write, you need to be aware of what goes on inside your mind.

What are your true beliefs? In your new found responsibility for mankind if a family of different faith, colour, language, dress, appetite, in fact anything that was different to you and your lifestyle moved in next door, how would you feel?

Do you feel that you are truly a citizen of Earth a brother or sister to everyone else on the Planet, if you believe in the story of Adam and Eve then we can only be sisters and brothers. What do you really think about? Are you happy with the state of your mind, synonymous with consciousness, that supreme gift of the Soul? Are you willing to share your joy and your happiness which after all is just another level of your consciousness with all your neighbours and everyone you meet?

If you take your responsibility seriously and discern correctly and wish with all your heart to Ascend then this is the Way, the Truth and when you spread your light in this way it is the Light. Be in the first wave! Be the first to wave, the first to smile and the first to offer your help.
Spread your Light with Hanukah & the Angel.


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Devonian writer
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5 Responses to DISCERNMENT

  1. David so many have been brain washed into their way of being.. I know its so hard as we view the world and those who commit such acts as they do… It sickens me greatly… It seems all our thoughts are pouring out in similar directions of late David… Love and Blessings Sue


    • David says:

      The greatest tricks, it is said, are done with mirrors and I ask that those who follow such violent ways may be sent the lessons that reflect our thoughts and beliefs on the ways to behave and the future of mankind in peace harmony and love. I know it’s a big ask but nevertheless I ask the Lord to listen and to respond, respecting Free Will but to allow others to see themselves in the mirrors of their own making. Love, David


      • Yes I agree David.. we are at that point in our evolution where the Mirrors I feel will be held up to many.. For we will all need to reflect our actions or bare the consequences in the very near future..
        Blessings to you David..


  2. My dear friend David, perfect as always and so in synch with my thoughts re ascension. Yes please, where do I sign? If we could come together as one ‘Humanity’ then change can happen, change for the betterment of all and mother earth.
    Peace and love to you and Eugene


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