Borrowing a line from my cousin: “Courage he said and pointed toward the land”
I believe that most of us are too afraid to desire what seems like the impossible because we just don’t have the courage of imagination that gives it any chance of success.

Some of us like me are daft enough to believe in miracles! You see, I’ve seen too many unexplainable things that have seemed beyond the realms of possibility and therefore impossible, but they still happen. Wouldn’t you call them miracles?

Imagination is a wonderful thing:
I asked the question, ‘I saw the vision of an angel. Is that possible or was it my imagination?’ The answer came back, ‘Well if you had no imagination of what you thought an Angel would look like how could you say that what you saw was an Angel?’

Some of us are even afraid of our imaginations thinking they are too outrageous for words and therefore discount them immediately. Now, that to me is a sad state of affairs brought about by a level of beliefs, I would guess, superimposed on those of us who either claim to have no imagination or are overwhelmed by the possibilities that are presented to them.

Or is it doubt that constantly rears its ugly head not even allowing us to accept the channel of wisdom or intuitive inspiration that occasionally breaks through the barriers we erect in our conscious minds?

We know that those who are brave enough to journey and to and spend time in the Space Station that circles the earth suffer muscle deterioration in zero gravity and similarly without constant use of the muscles of our body here on Earth and the powerhouse of our minds in our brains we are likely to suffer something similar that can unfortunately lead to dementia as the unused portions and intricacies of the brain start to atrophy.

Needing, wanting and desiring although looked upon as sins by those who would have us live like celibate monks with a daily scourge or two must at some time recognise the need to vary the lifestyle of the brothers to get off their knees at times and involve the exercise of all parts of the human body and mind for both physical and mental health.

I come back to imagination and intuition which allow us to fantasise about the possibilities of human existence. Don’t let your most immediate thought be one of impossibility, let your desire and your imagination run wild occasionally, it is the kind of exercise that is so good for you! You could be pleasantly surprised at what can be achieved when your inherent wisdom is given free reign, to take you out of your comfort zone and into the realms of what previously you thought of as impossible when miracles begin to manifest in your life!

This is the way to Joy and Happiness! Restrictions are placed on us from an early age and we, like the good people we are, think that we have to carry those same chains of control into our later lives. Not true! Time for you to realise that there are in fact no rules to hold you back, there is no wrong or right way, only different ways of bringing you Joy and Happiness, so long as you don’t break the law or cause harm!

If what you want seems fantastic don’t shy away, go for it!
So what if it doesn’t work every time. So what? There’s plenty more for you to exercise your mind and body on, so go for it every time. All you need is a little bit of courage and not caring about what others think, what’s it to them anyway? It’s your Joy and Happiness that counts to you and nothing to do with them!
Enjoy life, be happy with Hanukah and the Angel.

I couldn’t resist adding the first poem I ever wrote at college in 1960
The sea surges slowly over the sand,
Draws a breath and gathers into a band
Of snow white horses plunging in the surf,
O’erhead the white gulls screaming in their mirth.
A pleasant sight but one that’s swift to change
Into a land mysterious and strange.
The wind ceases no crying from the gull,
There’s but one sound in this too sudden lull,
The noise of water laughing on the stones
That sends a chill into our very bones.
And something in us tells that danger’s nigh
As with a mighty crash asunder splits the sky.
King Neptune is awakened from the deep
And Pluto groans within his earthy keep,
While Jupiter and all his heavenly band
With thunderbolts do smite the sea and land.
And soon the sea stands higher than the sky
And wets the feet of Jupiter on high.
And so the gods like little children fight
About the wind that changes in the night.
But soon doth calm their raging steel and fire
And wonderment replaces their mad ire.
For born from foam that crowns the rolling waves,
A beauty, queen of all us mortal slaves,
Venus in all her naked glory stands
And waves once more caress the golden sands.
© David Tenneson – January 1960


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