It is said that the Buddha, in his walking meditation, gained enlightenment and while at Bodh Gaya I saw the circular stone plinths along the side of the temple to simulate the steps that Siddhartha Gautama Buddha took in his meditation each with a fresh red lotus flower placed daily by the orange robed monks who without a word but just a smile turned and gave us both a small green apple.

On returning to the UK I placed a bloom on each step of my staircase to remind me that every conscious step and every breath is important in our mindful remembrance of the presence in which we live, have our being and to which we strive to ascend.

Siddhartha spent many years wandering, away from his privileged palatial upbringing, among the sick, poor and needy as sometime later did Jeshua (Jesus) who was born into relative poverty but both walking in the wilderness, as is my favourite pastime, within what I call the refining influence of nature where meditation takes on a different feeling and significance in that indefinable presence.

Following my sister’s lead I played a little game on line to see which dog I represented, where she turned out to be a Pit Bull, answering one of the questions that my favourite walk was in the forests mine came up with a Mutt! Which I would say suits me fine being an average sort of person, certainly not pure bred and all that that implies in the doggy world, I always prefer half breeds! What was that song about a ‘melting pot’?

What is it then that this Mutt and others like me find so uplifting, not to say enlightening, being in the presence of ancient trees and the uncanny wisdom of the wilderness, which no doubt both Jeshua and Siddhartha found to their liking and ultimate benefit?

Difficult for city dwellers to find these days, good reasons for the preservation of parks, but could it be the mere fact of being away from the distractions of all those bricks, mortar and concrete, which of course were less in evidence, if at all, at the time of our two spiritual masters?

In the proximity of natural energies we feel different. Could it be that we feel that subtle presence?

You see, I believe that the presence is within all those bricks and mortar too but in such an environment we find it difficult to feel, without constant practice, to become conscious and aware of its subtlety, within our bodies and minds its all pervading presence.

Did it ever occur to you that a loving parent who has let their offspring fly into the far flung corners of the Universe, never mind just our little Planet would take every opportunity to come close to care for and watch over their children?

But just think for a moment that having gifted their children with the ultimate gift of Free-will, any parent would not wish to appear like big brother and would therefore remain close but hidden, thus giving their children free reign to find their own way until such time as they were sufficiently advanced, purified and ready to recognise the presence of their parent and finally to know the way home. Wouldn’t you say?

Of course the child is not you, the personality that reads this post, but the Divine element of the Soul within whose parent is omnipresent, watching every step and every breath you take expressed by the consciousness of your Spirit.

In fact can you now see that the Kingdom, which most of us all yearn for, is already with us through that omnipresence, within us and surrounding us if we would only allow ourselves to feel, to see and to perceive its presence?

It is said that when two or three are gathered together … and on many a trip to ancient sites, cathedrals or fountains of health there is a greater sense of presence. If one sensitive feels something, who in that company would deny or say they feel nothing?

When you walk alone through the arches of the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey or Stonehenge, or wherever in this world, you are the only one that matters in that moment and anything you feel is yours alone, not having to conform to any other. Just as I felt walking alone as a young boy through the arches of the mighty beeches of Tutshill Woods, my cathedral, with only the sounds of nature and the crunch of the Beech Mast underfoot, I suppose you could say that I was indoctrinated at an early age into the mysteries of the subtle, eternal omnipresence.
Walk with us at your side always, hidden but present, Hanukah and the Angel


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  1. cat says:

    Always walking with you … smiles … so you are back in the UK? … much love from one mutt to another … smiles.


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