Or POSITIVE v NEGATIVE. What’s the difference?
The difference is difficult for many to understand. ‘You are so negative’ is the frequent cry and the reply, ‘No I’m not!’ ensures that you are both in a state of disallowing your Well-being! Why? Because you are both in the midst of an argument. How negative is that?

It therefore implies that we also need to understand Well-being:
You can no doubt appreciate that being in a state of gratitude is a positive state of mind and that happiness must surely constitute a level of consciousness which is a positive state.

Take an activity that most of us at one time or another and most of us regularly engage in and that is driving. However much we enjoy the open road, and there are fewer and fewer of those around these days, I love the A9 in the North of Scotland for this reason, but it can be the most frustrating of activities especially if you are on a tight time schedule.

Traffic jams, especially in rush hour, when everyone else is also trying to get to work, school or home as soon as possible, having to put up with the slow seniors, Sunday drivers or the terrible teenagers all add to the possibility of frustration.

Although we may have an issue with lorry and taxi drivers in my experience it would seem that they are the ones who have come to terms with the vagaries of other vehicles and have managed to reach a state of mind, through daily use, that allows for the maniacs without affecting their own states of mind.

So many take offence at the antics of other drivers which if they did but know it is not affecting the others but certainly denies them their own peace of mind, Well-being and ultimate happiness.

Do you see where this is taking us? Hate is an obvious negative, but the seemingly simple and innocuous frustration has the same effect and as always the cause is in our own minds or a consciousness filled with intolerance, discrimination and racism.

When you understand that affording others the freedom to be, is actually giving yourself that same freedom, and enabling the state of Well-being to exist within you, your attitude to others will then change dramatically.

Your mental attitude is what counts since it is the cause of all else including your emotional and spiritual attitude, and your physical attitude or your body language will follow suit.

Can you see that conversely your negative attitude towards others denies you your own freedom, when as brothers and sisters we should allow each other our own freedoms in whatever sphere our Free-will wishes to take us?

We are constantly reminded that the Free-will of humanity is of the utmost importance, but it often makes you wonder from which direction it comes and where it is going.

The temptation is to react negatively especially to those who provoke those adverse reactions of frustration when in truth we should, if you like, create a story to change your view. Imagine that the driver of the car that just cut you up was a young man taking his wife, who is in labour, to the maternity ward of the local hospital, or your own dear mother having a hard time driving a new car. Would you not forgive their less than perfect, in your view, driving capability?

We need to afford each other a measure of that most precious of commodities called kindness. You know there is a link between peace, harmony and kindness that together lead to Well-being.

It may seem strange to some that you do not react to other bad drivers in fact you seem not to react at all as nothing seems to affect you, but you see that on the pathway to enlightenment, which must eventually embody unconditional love, it might seem to others that your reactions are indifferent to the behaviour of anyone else. In fact what you are doing is allowing others to exercise their own Free-will. It might seem a negative reaction but is in truth the most positive there is and that which Buddha taught before they made him into a god!

In your search for happiness you will bring to yourself the attributes of confidence, freedom, security, kindness and compassion as you follow the words of wisdom of Hanukah and the Angel.


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  1. Well, dear David, let me first wish you Many Happy Returns for it is YOUR BIRTHDAY today and another year has just started for you.
    Thank you so much for reminding us (or should that be… me ? ) that we all have a Free-will that we can use and mis-use to the best of our knowledge.
    You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that we are much more lenient about someone else’s mistakes when we know the “culprits” and certainly if we love them. Why, Oh Why, do we find excuses for some and not for all ? What makes an error more acceptable depending on the person that commits it ?
    Love, they say, has reasons that reason does not understand… Does that then mean that we are so discriminatory that we judge situation following our own feelings and refuse to understand what the feelings of the other could have been ? So many wars and quarrels have started with a misunderstanding. Would it not be more humane to query actions and wait for a possible good explanations of the other ? We might be very surprised and notice that we would have done exactly the same. Would it then not be easier to understand and forgive as we ourselves would have liked to be forgiven ? Surely, but that is the most difficult part of being human and not enough humane.
    Thank you so much, dear David, for reminding us that we have a choice and whether we have Positive or Negative reactions, they are our own for we have a Free-will.

    Love and Light.



    • David says:

      Thanks Eugene, All healing begins with forgiveness a pity that most of the time we forget to forgive ourselves. Love, David


      • Too true!… We so often judge others yet we do not see the WHOLE picture … Both positive and Negative are needed in order for us to experience.. We always have a ‘Choice’ which path to choose… We often then spend more precious time chastising ourselves about our choices! Which brings more negative energy..
        Its taken many years of self recriminations to understand there is no right or wrong way, but each way is the way our own free-will has chosen to experience..
        I choose to be in the NOW of my moments experiences more… Not worrying about the future too much, for its already mapped out.. And I worry far less about the past, for its already gone…
        To live in our Well being.. means embracing the gift of now.. This is the Present we can all give ourselves….
        I still fall down at times.. For I am Human… its part of my experience!.. But its a wonderfu Journey! 🙂 xxx 😀


        • David says:

          Trying to live only in the now is a task for us all especially if like me you believe in the past and the possibility of being a judge … trying so hard to be non-judgemental. Each to his or her own! Love, David


          • Its so hard to achieve…. I know.. and I often fail miserably so.. like I said I am human.. and part of the human experience is learning through our mistakes ;-)….. of which we make many! 😀 xxx


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