When we look at nature we see so many plants and fungi, trees and animals that live by relying on each other. When you think about it we too have a symbiotic relationship with trees and plants, not to mention the animals we eat. As we breathe in oxygen to survive, green plants and trees take in the carbon dioxide we breathe out and exhale the oxygen we need to live.

So besides needing plants for food and fruits from trees and shrubs and things that grow in the ground it is no wonder that forests as large as the Amazon are often referred to as the lungs of the Planet. Being omnivores we also eat some animals as the basic protein part of our diets, at least most of us do, thus adhering to our omnivore hunter gatherer past that due to our mammalian heritage will never change.

Apart, that is from the many dietary recommendations we tend to try. I did try a vegetarian diet for some years but found it difficult to manage after leaving England and living with an omnivore amongst other omnivores and quite frankly found something missing from the daily diet, at least that’s what my body was telling me and we should always listen to our bodies, however rigidly we want to exercise our Free-will and follow the local herd or not. That’s how it seemed for me, besides which I don’t like taking pills so try to get all I need from the food I eat!

When it was explained to me that the North American Nations always left the first rabbit, to carry on the species, and only killed the second with a blessing for food I appreciated the need only to kill as much as needed and no more, but also our relationship with the animal kingdom. A further explanation given from a higher source more recently was, that having left the first it was able to tell the rest that they were required to give themselves as a sacrifice to the hunter. A kind of communication of which we are largely unaware, and you thought they didn’t communicate, oh yes they do, but on another level, the level of contract that is understood at a deeper level than most of us can even imagine never mind contemplate!

It pains me to see the bloodied carcasses of elephants, rhinos and shark left by the poachers and hunters who want no food just a tusk or two, a horn or a fin for purposes that fulfil a superstitious need or to gratify greed that has no basis in fact. The pity is that by destroying animals for no good reason, it may be news to most, that the instinctive consciousness of the mammals tells them that they are no longer needed on this Earth. Another level of communication! I wish this could be communicated to the whaling Japanese which should invoke the wailing of the rest of the human race.

For these and other reasons which can be laid fairly and squarely at the feet of man there is a real possibility that the symbiotic relationship with nature, which we have over the centuries been slowly but surely eroding, is leading to mass extinction of many species both by direct slaughter and indirectly by removal of habitat and consequent valuable plant, food and medicinal resources

Just think how barren our planet and indeed our lives will become without the various members of the animal kingdoms as they fade away and the loss of forests as they are slashed and burned for a single crop, which would take at least one hundred years to replace, if at all possible.

We are, however, not solely responsible for global warming although we have played a substantial part, there are also the solar cycles. As the temperatures change around the world some species will thrive and others will die away, but we are totally responsible for the levels of pollution of the air, the land, rivers and oceans. We need to clean up our act and fast if we humans are to survive, though what kind of a dull life we are leaving to our children and grandchildren to inherit when we have annihilated most of the flora and fauna is anybody’s guess!

But try telling that to the young and especially the older and seriously entrenched scientists at Oxford and Cambridge, Yale and Harvard plus all the other Red Brick Universities. I am sure you will find many deaf ears. There are none so deaf as those who do not wish to listen! Or to expand their knowledge and wisdom into areas not taught to them by their professors!

It seems that we are being led to be more and more greedy both in terms of possessions and in the amount of food that we consume. Obesity is on the rise starting from the very young into the middle aged as we are encouraged to buy and eat larger and larger portion sizes when in fact we should be eating less and less, and of the right kind of food!

In my view symbiosis should be the watchword of the food producers with an eye to helping rather than hindering the health of their customers whose heaviness is putting a huge weight on both the scales and the resources of the health services round the world.

They teach and encourage us to be greedy to fulfil their own greed for more revenue and payouts to their share holders. It makes you wonder where happiness comes into this equation? It would seem to be purely in the jingling sound of the money in their pockets, all at our expense in more senses than one, instead of the peal of bells for something like world peace to celebrate, we are in grave danger of hearing the tolling of the knells of death!

Let symbiosis, your relationships with others, treating the whole of creation with loving respect and realising that we depend on each other, lead you to happiness and peace with Hanukah & the Angel.


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