I love telling stories.

I remember when I was Form Captain in year 2 at my Grammar School – goodness knows why I was made Captain, not being the brightest among the motley crew that made up my class, but the one thing I was good at was telling stories.


It was the Captains job to keep order in the classroom until the teacher arrived. My ploy was to tell stories which kept the rest of the 30 oddballs quiet. The trouble was that a particularly surreptitious teacher crept silently up to the classroom door and heard just the one voice and guess who was immediately put into detention?


Since those far off otherwise carefree days, which truth be told I did not enjoy that much, I still tell a few stories and am often accused of exaggeration by those who think they know the truth of the matter. My excuse is that any story is worthy of a little embellishment!


So what about your story whether from your past, what’s happening to you in the present moment or how you see your future unfolding? Is it all a tale of woe that you see almost like a curse hanging over you and unlikely to change for the better no matter how hard you try to change things?

Did you think that perhaps that was your biggest mistake? Trying too hard!


As you look back at the past remember the positive moments that you can be thankful for and, as for the present moment, look at each day when things wind down and write in your journal all of the things that you are grateful for that occurred in the last 24 hours. Now the future has not happened and therefore does not exist, but there is nothing stopping you from planning for a lighter, brighter and happier time to come. That’s what the present moment is for!


Don’t forget that this is your story and you can tell it the way you want it to be. If others are trying to steer you towards a muddy tow path pulling a heavy barge filled with troubles, you can refuse that glorious opportunity and see yourself sitting on top of the barge filled with all the things and all the people you love, with someone else doing the donkey work!


Did I hear someone say, ‘That’s cheating!’

Let me ask you a question: ‘What is your goal in this life?’

OK so it was rhetorical, because your goal is or should be JOY!

So what is wrong with positively planning your life that will lead you to the ultimate goal of Joy?


There is a fine, or maybe even a broad line between being an inveterate liar, and we all know some of those, to shining a kinder and more positive light onto your own story, seeing only a positive past, a shining present and a brighter future.

Sounds good to me! How about you?


You can take this formula one step further by seeing everything, planning everything and recounting everything that happens in that same positive light. If it doesn’t seem that way to begin with then change the sentence you see for yourself both practically and literally. Don’t forget you can change and create your life, your story and your image of yourself by a simple thought. That is all it takes for you are your creator!


It is so important for you to feel better about yourself, everything you think about. Your work, your play, your relationships, money you earn, your loving, peaceful, and harmonious life, think of it all getting better and better moment by moment. Believe me when I say that it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You will get into this most important habit of your life of thinking, planning, living and telling the most glorious story of your wonderful life.


You are the most beautiful Soul and that realisation begins first thing in the morning when perhaps you may not look at your best but when you see that image in the mirror say out loud, ‘Good morning gorgeous, I love you, I really, really love you’ and remember who and what you are throughout your day.

With Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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