Would it be churlish, ungrateful or just plain obvious to say that as soon as we are born we want, we want, we want everything to make us happy, and the very young soon let you know that they have a good pair of lungs when they don’t get what they want, especially the indigo guys and gals!

We know what we want from an early age.
Doesn’t that tell you something?
It is often said that we have all that we need within us, but the problem is that we are led to believe from those first cries that everything we need, want and desire to make us happy is outside of ourselves.

If you look at your own life and remove all those things that bring you responsibility, stress and pain of one sort or another it is a good bet that your life would be simpler, and my guess is that you would have more patience with not only yourself, but also with others and certainly you would allow the natural love for your brothers and sister to manifest itself in compassion for the whole of life and the whole of creation. Does that sound about right to you?

You may be under the impression that due perhaps to your concept of Karma that you were born to right a few wrongs or have another go at something you didn’t get right the first or even second time round. Therefore your idea of life itself may be set, unchangeable and therefore no point in trying to change. Wrong if I may say so! I hope you don’t believe that it is all down to Divine retribution!

It is true that your Soul together with your Higher Self has, from all the choices available, decided on the possibility of a particular life path to fulfil a need either for your own Soul Growth or for the growth of other Souls. Nothing to do with those childish wants! As I say the path is a possibility, but the moment when your Soul takes up residence within a new born child it relinquishes control and in effect forgets the pathway possibility.

Your Soul brings with it the gift of consciousness, synonymous with mind and Spirit to which it hands over the navigation of the proposed pathway. True you may have been born to be the next in line to a throne, but you may never make it for a host of reasons, none of us knows exactly when we will pass to the next level, or should that be return to the home level, or the realm of Souls. On the other hand you may have been born to be a pauper existing on a garbage dump in Mumbai and end up living a long life and become president of India.

We all know stories of rags to riches and also the reverse as the rise and fall of folks hit the headlines. Do you think that that was planned from the start of the way those folks were born to be? Possibly not!

The Universe is a rich mixture of probabilities with many impulses, influences and intuitive inspirations to alter the navigation of the journey on the path where all paths lead to … Where are you going? It’s all down to consciousness, in other words your mind which develops on its own according to the environmental and social influences that finds itself bombarded with and decides when and where you will go.

But if you are open to all those inner influences and impulses etc., rather than those from outside you have a better chance of reaching your projected Soul destination, remembering that all you need is within, you need no Ordinance Survey Map, Orienteering Guide or Compass you are born to be wonderful, magnificent and able to find your way and when you recognise these gifts you will have the confidence to succeed in any way that you feel is right for you and only you can be the judge of that!

You are Born to Be.
With much Love, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to BORN TO BE

  1. cat says:

    “you may have been born to be a pauper existing on a garbage dump in Mumbai and end up living a long life and become president of India.” … me like that … a lot … even if me stay queen of garbage me still like … so far … smiles


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