I often wonder if those who pose as freedom fighters under whatever cause, whom the rest of us see as terrorists or religious fanatics, could see themselves as they really are, whether they would change in any way or is their way the way to personal happiness, which after all is the goal of us all. It beggars the question as to whether they have successfully denied their conscience to the extent that they no longer know the difference between right and wrong or so they have been convinced.

They have the same gift of Free-will as the rest of us, but it makes me wonder what their thoughts must be when they slaughter their human brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children. But then we cannot be responsible for their thoughts. Or can we? Surely someone must be! Who is the leader with the gift of the gab who has successfully taught them that to slaughter those of another clan, tribe or religion is just? And who taught him or her? Or was it just the only way to survive, to be fed and clothed and have money in your pocket?

When someone, some few or so many are killed I send love, light and healing energies to all those killed, all those left behind to grieve and also to those who perpetrated the deed or deeds, considering that to be in that state of mind they must need healing too.

Which may seem strange to some, although the acts of forgiveness that we seem to hear more of these days make me wonder at the compassion that comes from those whose dear ones have been killed, even to the extent of befriending or even adopting their killer. There may be a chance for humanity after all!

You see we can only be responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and although we may deplore the acts of others and feel that they are wrong or evil and that they do not deserve any kind thoughts we need as always to take care of our own.

For in truth in general it is not they who are evil but the acts that they commit that raise the dander and cause us to find them themselves guilty. Should we judge them in that way, or in fact in any way? For in my book no one is able to judge another for no matter how wise, how qualified or how committed a judge or jurist they will never know the inner workings of the mind or the true circumstances that drive anyone to the extremes which place them in the dock, not matter how many experts or witnesses that concur and most times each will see things in a different light.

In the process of allowing yourself to find Well-being you should be careful of the way in which you use your Free-will. When you look upon someone accused of a crime it is easy to find yourself wearing the robes of a judge and in the current case against Oscar Pristorius in Pretoria, South Africa it is said that the majority of women in the public have already decided that he is guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, with the case only halfway through!

Never mind the torment that the case is putting the accused through he may not deserve your kind thoughts especially when you have made up your own mind about his guilt, but look at it this way: by denying him your kind thoughts you are actually denying yourself and by denying you are disallowing yourself to find the Well-being and the Happiness that you seek.

I sincerely hope that the lady judge in that case, who I do not envy, will realise that the accused with only half of his legs intact is frightened for his life every minute of every day and all those who already find him guilty deserve to have kind thoughts not only about him but about everyone.

In knowing ourselves we must understand the relationship between denying and allowing and what that does, not to anyone else, but to ourselves. It is said that a guilty verdict can only be passed if found so beyond any reasonable doubt. It is doubt that stands in the way of us allowing for most of the time.

We doubt ourselves. We wish for and desire something, something loving and beautiful to happen and are sure that because of its nature it will surely happen even if we do not believe in the Law of Attraction, but the trouble is that despite all good thoughts and wishes we doubt that it will actually happen and that to put it bluntly ‘puts the mockers on it’.

The only one you are capable of judging is you and the only way you will be able to do that is to know yourself vertically, horizontally and inside out, both physically and spiritually. Don’t be too hard on yourselves my friends for together with your judgement you are the only one who can decide and effect change within you for the better, using your inherent wisdom that you will no doubt find, when you Know Yourself in your search for happiness.
Hanukah and the Angel


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