You decide to go to see a play at your local theatre. There are many characters on the stage from a king to an apothecary, a lady in waiting to the queen to a kitchen servant girl. The various players come and go on the stage to play out their part of the story which you enjoy and in the depths of your consciousness there are twinges of remembrances and bells ring and then they toll towards the ending.

As you leave the theatre it’s a chilly evening and you call in to the café next door with friends to get a hot drink before the long walk home. They all discuss their critiques their likes and dislikes of the play the characters and how well the story was presented and performed.

The conversation seems to float above your waking consciousness as though you are feeling that you actually took part in the performance. The problem is that you cannot decide which part you played and in your gentle but confused recall it takes you away from the conversation and you are constantly nudged to bring you back to the present moment. Your friends look at you askance for after all you were only drinking hot chocolate!

You apologise for your apparent lack of interest and as the party breaks up you wend your solitary way back home as all of the characters fill your head. As if on autopilot the time and space blend into one and you find yourself at your door in the sudden realisation that in fact you were all of the characters!

You feel as if you have been shown a release of records almost like the secret documents and government papers released after a set time period and you are privileged to witness all of those lives that you have been at one time or another in the remote past.

With your mind in a whirl you wonder if you are going mad or if there is any truth in what you felt that the play reproduced in your sub and then waking consciousness.

Each of the actors on the stage was wearing a mask, not actually but in their makeup and portrayal of a particular character and their performance, played as best they could, enhanced the performance of the other actors so that their characters would seem more real to the audience.

The following week the actors would probably perform another play in another town, a different mask, makeup and costume and give their all to enhance again a great performance by each of their co-actors, hopefully to rave reviews!

Throughout the tour of the company the actors remain the same but the characters change with each play and performance. Does that ring any bells for you?

In each life that you have lived the one thing that does not change, like the actors above, is your Soul, but in each life you take a different part with changed mask, makeup and costume through the centuries enhancing the growth of your Soul by the different experiences of the many characters that your Soul has played and hopefully helping others to play their parts well.

Would you be confident that this time round you have done your best to help others to give of their best too, so that you can all look forward to rave reviews at journeys end?

When your life flashes past you and you make your own review, because that is in fact what will happen from the perception of your own Soul will you need to return to take a similar part again or will the playback prove that you are ready to move on?

What will you do today to enhance your own ability to characterise a part? Will your performance to date mean you have to return to acting school or are you so enlightened that you could become an actor manager or even have your own company? Oh how happy you would be!

I am sure you don’t need me to explain to you where this is heading, just to say that whatever time means to you I implore you to use it well!
May all the reviews of your own performances be filled with light, love and the joy of living! With Love, David


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2 Responses to USE OF TIME

  1. I loved how you used this analogy here David.. Thank you for this.. We should all be Theatre Critics.. 🙂 of our selves.. 🙂
    Blessings Sue


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