We have spoken of time being the child of space and here is a different take on space:
You know I’ve revealed my way of working to you in the past where I spend 95% of my time consciously planning and only 5% in doing or carrying out my plan. As you can imagine, having had our house on the market for getting on for four years now, we believe that eventually it must sell and allow us to move on, but we have gone through periods when we worry that perhaps it may never happen.
Sound familiar?

That’s when our patience runs a bit thin and I have to admit our faith wavers like a wand in the west wind, just a bit. Ashamed to admit it but true and I guess only natural!

Knowing though that our consciousness is the powerhouse of our selves where we create before we even put pen to paper, finger to keyboard or chisel to the wood we should realise that the concern we hold or the worry we hide or indeed have the courage to profess is all one and the same thing. It is all planning.

When we spoke about knowing yourself it was most importantly about the way we think, how we use our minds and in fact all about mindfulness. Every thought is part of that planning process which is why we stressed the need to take care of your thoughts.

Your every thought is registered at some level and recorded so that if you are unhappy about any aspect of your thoughts or plans then be prepared to see it manifested into something that you dislike. It is so important to correct those wayward thoughts into the aspects of everything you think about to bring you joy and for you to see the wonderful, beautiful, glorious side of yourself and your existence.

Imagine yourself as a kind of artist:
Before you even prime your canvas you are already in planning mode. Some are like a novelist who allows the story line and the characters to develop as the words fall on to the pristine page or as the brush finds the colours itself on the palette and brings them to life and in their own sequence on the blank space of a canvas.

However, in between each stroke of the brush or in the spaces between the words there are planning pauses. As important you could say as the spaces between the notes of a piece of music! There may be concerns as the colours run or as words not considered fall into a sentence, but then there are the moments of joy as a vibrant passage leaps from the page and colours seem to mix of their own accord light and shadow take on new meanings which instigate fresh fields of inspiration opening changes from the original concept into moments of magic and even mystery as your plan almost explodes into some new spaces before your very eyes. The planning pauses or spaces are what bring quality to your creation.

It is said that creation comes about in the consciousness, but it can also take on its own ‘big bang’ as you become the creative process itself. Of course the most wonderful creation is to plant a seed whether it is on a page a canvas or in a garden to watch the explosion as the natural world takes over and you see your plan or no plan become something out of your consciousness that you had no idea existed, like the star nurseries in space.

Knowing yourself is one thing but as much as you are mindful of every thought I should warn you to be prepared for surprises since the consciousness responds to many avenues of inspiration that are not immediately obvious to the conscious mind no matter how much work we do in trying to become more and more aware of our inner selves, there is a realm of remembering going on!

Remember that it was the conscious decision of an individual and an en masse basis to deny and even exclude certain flows of energetic transfer of information and inspiration by the whole human race. However, consciousness being what it is there will be times when, as I say, surprises will allow you to link in to those avenues if you so wish on a more permanent basis. Where did that come from?

There will be further choices for you to make on your journey to joy through joy!
Take advantage of them and look forward to happiness with Hanukah.


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