Well, I don’t know about you, but for me inspiration comes from all corners of the World and indeed from all quarters of the Universe. Books, TV, comments from readers, and yes other blogs all play their part together with the inspiration of our Higher Self, the highest of them all!

Such a lot is spoken about the prospect of Oneness, about us all becoming One and yet you only have to look out of the window or at the TV to realise that we are so at odds with one another, the prospect of Oneness seems further and further away with each passing day.

In the grandest respect that is at odds with how it should be, since we are all part of the one energy stream from the Divine Source. The trouble is that once we incarnate, although we are all part of what may be described as the Divine Flow, to use the Divine Fire analogy – part of the rising cloud of similar Divine Sparks or Souls we become unique in order individually to experience life on Earth. In short so that each Soul, hidden within as the Silent Witness can develop as an individual entity, the same as all the others, but with a different experience record if you like with a unique report card at the end of term.

It is the greatest anomaly that we humans cannot see beyond our differences to the most powerful denominator, common to us all. But then perhaps that is asking too much since we would then pit ourselves against the self centred religions of the world which strange as it may seem I do see coming together as one eventually in the process of Oneness.

But I see, since the Divine Flow has more effect at the individual level, it must start with us rather than on the thrones of kings, queens and princes of religions.

If you look at that last sentence again you may appreciate just how remote that possibility seems, since where power lies it is most difficult to reach. It might not happen in my lifetime, which will be the last on this Earth, but in the longer term I do believe in its possibility or maybe in the grand scheme that should be probability allowing for the vagaries of humanity’s Free-will!

What will need to happen I feel is that for the Divine Flow to function in its true fullness, when there would need to be a re-evaluation of the function of a spiritual leader at all levels, and in line with the reductions forced upon us in the present and immediate future by the case of economics there would need to be a divestment and a re-clothing not to say re-housing of the many princes of the established religions in order for the unhindered Flow of the Divine Energy to find its way from the present top to bottom, to become a horizontal flow of profound thought and wisdom.

In short all who dedicate themselves to act as spiritual signposts would need to take new oaths of poverty living again as a few of their brothers do and as there is a move from at least one at the top in the way of simplicity, it is an example others would do well to follow.

In this way the three key elements of the Divine Flow would be more easily distributed from heart to heart and I speak of simplicity, patience and compassion and not just for those who call themselves by the same club, clan or cloister but to all those who call themselves human.

The most interesting change I would love to witness would be to see what other uses the palaces, riches and secret archives would be put to!

You know it is a fact that we are all gifted with that often annoying present of Free-will which seems to get in the way of the most sensible thinking which we see on an almost daily basis in the UN Security Council which by its veto system has made itself the most castrated of councils.

But then, you could also say that this was the very Energetic Flow that was designed specifically to see if the race of mankind could eventually come to its evolutionary senses and learn to live in peace and harmony together. A step on the way to Oneness wouldn’t you say?
Don’t say we have failed yet again!
Where is that world Teacher?

Maybe he or she will never arrive because it is us that have to change of our own accord and the only way I can see that happening is for us all immediately to visit the opticians and get new glasses to alter our perceptions of life.

When will the men of this world begin to see women other than their chattels and possessions and weaker than themselves and only there for their pleasure and to give them sons! What a travesty! I doubt very much if any man could stand the pain of giving birth! Did the Divine Flow bypass some of us completely or did we deliberately decide to use that dreaded Free-will and deny so much?

Like it or not we are already part of the Divine Flow, we came into being that way and will stay that way until the end of our term, so you could say that we are already One. But hold on a minute! At the same moment in Divine Time we are Unique and will always be so until the end of all our terms.

Instead of fighting over our differences perhaps we should explore our Uniqueness and not only see but perceive ourselves as One!
Wouldn’t that change your view of the world and of every living thing within it?
One last point: Know thyself and in so doing know all others as One.
All my Love, Hanukah.


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  1. Doris says:

    First of all I once want to thank you for all your essays which I really enjoy reading, the words touch a string of truth and knowing within me, only that I couldn’t express my thoughts and feelings like you do.
    Why do you call yourself Hanukah??? (=Hanukkah???).
    Why do you think you will be here on this earth for the last time? I think there is such a wide field to work on, that it will be good, if souls like you mix with other incarnated souls.
    I am looking forward to reading further writings from you – it is like sucking the honey out from a bright flower of a spring meadow.
    Love and Light to you!


    • David says:

      Firstly may I say thank you for your kind words and as to not being able to express yourself … well I believe that you are as much a poet as I. While working as a long hand scribe to a spiritual circle in England in the early 1990s all of the sitters, each in turn, were given spirit names by our communicator over several years. Mine was Hanukah spelt with a single K as given by the speaker. Hanukkah being the festival of lights. But then what’s in a name. Light has a way of shining through colour, notes and words and does not rely on any language or spelling. As I was the self appointed scribe I have used it to write and publish (though not very successfully) over the years both privately and publically. I like the name as it reminds me of previous lives. Love and blessings, David


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