What mask are you wearing in this performance?
Moving across the stage of life some paint the face while others rely on their innate ability, their inherent gift of the frustrated Thespian to present a veneer to confuse or influence in what they perceive as the fight, the battle for supremacy they imagine to be the reason for life.

There is no doubt that the initial programming of the human mind contained within its primary purpose the will to succeed to go that one step beyond the norm, beyond the accepted possible level. For our society, for our culture, for the peace that we enjoy, or not, we can thank all those who have forged ahead, the explorers all into the earth, the sea, the mind and now space …

But all this? All this matters nought without an audience, a witness to applaud, to say ‘well done’, or to ‘boo’ our pathetic attempts to win.
To win what? What is the true goal? Who are we trying to impress? Which audience are we hoping to delight to win over to make them stand and cheer and clap, whistle and stamp?

For centuries we have known the amazing empathy of the sea mammals to man. Many is the time that a swimmer in difficulty has been helped and brought to shore by whale or dolphin. Such strength and gentleness contained within that powerhouse of streamlined shape that can leap into the air and descend to the depths of the oceans must surely be the epitome of Divine Love.

What do we do in return? Our misguided lust for all things that gratify our taste, our pleasure needs must involve killing. Killing the ones who help to save us, those who beautify our world whose presence adds to the wonderful diversity of life here on earth!

What better position to be in than to be able to scan the movement of the world’s tectonic plates to see the worsening pollution of the oceans and air, to be caught up in the changing weather patterns and to witness the melting ice of the Polar Regions than a whale. The Australians have just taken the Japanese to Court and won that their whaling is not scientific and is therefore illegal! 01.04.2014. Hooray! Let’s hope the appeal fails.

The changes that mankind is experiencing and our reactions to the changes that, to our credit, we have brought about, must be a matter of major moment in the annals of the universe. We are the instruments of change but the change itself is useless, of no consequence unless there is a witness, an audience to see it and record it all.

We will probably never know in full the incredible connection, the amazing function that the mammals are performing right now on our behalf. What is more phenomenal is their continuing ability to care for us on many levels, of which most of us are unaware, despite the fact that we are hunting them virtually to extinction. And still they try to come dangerously close to us and often beach themselves in that loving process.

There is only one other kind of loyalty that comes close, that of the domestic dog. Is the loving family pet keeping a canine log? Could it be the cat or canary too? Witnesses to our daily doings, the good, the bad and the ugly things we do.

In the global sense can we assume there are clouds of cousins circling our world and watching every change of the wind, every drop of water rising on the spring tide? Are they watching unseen from above while whales watch from below? Watching and waiting for the moment when we have gone too far, when we know our performance sucks, when we can only cry ‘help!’

And what of the cosmic cousins are they being watched too? It must be so for all came from that first cause, where it all began. So when we try to please those who may be watching we should remember that ultimately there is only an audience of One.

Now if you really want to be seen, heard and remembered play to the gods!
Love David


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