I have two daughters and did my best to give them every opportunity, answer all of their questions as much as I was able, and having seen them both born I watched them grow until now in their forties they have children of their own.

There are no parenting classes, except it seems for those in extreme difficulty, and the rest of us are left to manage as best we can. Everything is new and both my daughters were as different as chalk and cheese from the moment they were born to the way they are bringing up their own children.

As I say, I tried to answer all of their questions, but they probably taught me more than I was able to teach them and, now that there is a generation between us, I have a more relaxed attitude to the daily goings on and the truths that come from the mouths of the grandchildren who are without inhibition and get straight to the point. Somewhat disconcerting at times too I can tell you!

There is another aspect to the way my own consciousness has developed across many boundaries in all my years that has given me insights and inspirations such that when I am with the grandson and three granddaughters without the ultimate responsibility and certainly a more spiritual view than the days when their mothers were born I see other sides to their young Spirits.

Strengths and weaknesses already show as some need extra help, others forge ahead of their stream while at least one is of the Knowing kind. Whatever their strengths and weaknesses I have to say, much to my relief, that both sets of parents are accepting the children as they are and allowing them to choose their own pathways.

I suppose it is a common misunderstanding that we parents are there to guide our children, but really you know it is they who are here to guide us! Now who is going to disagree with that profundity? Be careful how you answer that question as it is an irresistible invitation to an aspect of your own consciousness that you may perhaps wish and indeed try to keep hidden! Know what I mean?

In the early years of the life of a child, even those of the Knowing variety, where guidance is needed to bring them the ways of mankind in our own various cultures, you know, the formats within which to live, we must not forget that the difference between right and wrong is in fact hidden deep within their conscience.
But as soon as they begin to attend even a nursery or day school they will begin for the spiritual consciousness to find its own way. We see it as parents with what they bring home from school as they begin the journey to develop as independent adults and gradually move away from us.

What they do not realise of course is that the student fast becomes the teacher and we are the ones who learn with every passing moment of the most profound revelations coming from our children if only we would accept that we are the undergraduates once again in the real lessons of life.

In particular I must return to the Knowing Ones who have so much to teach us. In days gone by Gnosis was frowned upon as heresy by the church but I see it as something different.

I believe that a growing inner acceptance and knowledge of the Divine in each of them whether brought to light by parents, priests or passersby, in the scholastic sense, matters not for the Knowing Ones have within them an inherent wisdom greater than our own in which I place all my faith for the future to guide mankind out of our current mess. Please Lord Logos hear my prayer!

So as with the old saying: ‘Out of the mouths of babes … ‘ don’t discount what they say and don’t just hear it as a childish babble but really listen to what they have to impart, you may well be surprised!
With loads of Hugs and Parental Love, David


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3 Responses to PARENTS & CHILDREN

  1. Ah, a wonderful post my friend, words of such wisdom and love for the innocence and the profound intellect that can come from our children.
    Namaste with love to you all


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