I am reminded today and pass on a simple analogy to help you in your meditation which, as you will know by now we refer to as our Highly Precious Time, is often seen as extreme difficulty but which can be allowed at any time and in any place.

Before we get to the nub of the matter it is as well to remind ourselves of the great power that lies within us: We have something which is so difficult for us to describe or explain with our limited vocabulary which being human we seem only able to understand in anthropomorphic or humanoid terms.

And so with that somewhat dull vocabulary we have to say that we have within us a spark of light and power, more powerful and brighter than any nuclear explosion which, let’s face it, is really its opposite since the nuclear bomb is only destructive whereas what we have within us is only creative, being a fundamental part of the Divine Creative Source of all there is, the power to form Star Systems, Galaxies and Universes.

And yet we still wonder and refuse to admit that we are that close to the Logos or God, Allah or any other name you chose which lies within us.
We know that the Holy Grail of meditation is mergence in other words becoming one with the Divine by any name.

The well known analogy of water is still the simplest and the best in my opinion: When you consider the ocean as a Divine Entity and recognise that it is made up of zillions of tiny drops and also see how easy it is for every drop to merge with the whole or the One, you come close to appreciating the ease with which you can merge with the Divine.

You may have wondered why I used the word allowed in the first paragraph. Well, it is simply a question of Allowance! When you dip your hand in a bucket of water and allow a drop to fall into the ocean, that’s how easy it is. But you could keep your hands dry if you so wish.

The trouble is that we also allow other things like barriers of doubt to creep into the moments of our Precious Time. We actually doubt ourselves when we are such powerful beings with a part of the Divine resident as the Silent Witness within us. How come? We have through so many generations been brought up to believe that we are less than anyone else and this belief is so strong that we imagine that we are not worthy to merge with the Divine.

Nothing could be further from the truth but trying to overturn a belief that has been passed on for generations and cemented into our consciousness is difficult to achieve, requiring hours of quiet contemplation reminding ourselves continuously that we are the offspring of the Divine and therefore nothing is closer than we are to our loving Father.

Finally a mergence has taken place today and those of you who have been following the Angel Messenger will know that the Angel has merged with Hanukah as of this moment.

It is not as farfetched as some may imagine since both are Souls and even though one lies resident as the silent witness within a physical frame and the other exists in the Angelic Realm or the Realm of Souls, they are merged together as One.

This movement has brought with it the greatest joy and together we wish to pass on to you this feeling of wholeness, wellness and happiness.
With the blessings of Hanukah and the Angel


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