Following UNFOLDING on the Angel Messenger:
We say we make sacrifices, we sacrifice things for the children and the older generation are forever telling us of the sacrifices they made during the war to protect our country and of course many made the ultimate sacrifice and never came home leaving many to grieve.

I remember my dear parent telling me how she gave up her ration of milk and eggs for me only to find out later that I was lactose intolerant and eggs made me liverish. We lived in Devon so the Devonshire Clotted Cream didn’t help the acne! That generation were not to know of course they just thought they were giving something up for us children, during and after World War II, while rationing lasted.

It is often mooted if not insisted by those who are in positions to guide us that we need to make sacrifices on behalf of others in order to follow the true path to salvation, for which I have to say that no one came to save us but to show the way so that we could save ourselves.

I believe that, apart from the natural love and affection we have for our loved ones where we will give up our favourites for them, we should maybe only sacrifice for ourselves in order to follow the Divine Directive to find Joy, Health and Happiness. What do you think?

We have spoken about the fact that extending from our loved ones we are all slaves to one or many in our lives which however you view it has to involve one or more sacrifices for others which you must admit goes against the Divine Directive. Or does it? Do you think we read the letter and not the spirit ?

Unfortunately our view is indeed limited to our own little world and although we are encouraged to focus on the goal of happiness we need to broaden our view to become aware of the sacrifices that others may make, not only on our behalf but in general on behalf of the rest of the world, which may be seen as a signpost for ourselves – you see the dichotomy?

There is no doubt in my mind that this schoolroom of Earth is one of the toughest, where physicality alone is enough for some, but not unnaturally as time goes on the lessons get tougher even in this dimension and we begin to see through the gaze of compassion the many sacrifices made by others that were instigated not in this life and not forced on anyone but willingly, even from birth, and for the highest good of all.

We are indeed aware of the lives of total sacrifice given by Masters for the benefit of the many or the few or just one. All who are against war and killing of any kind, to stop conflicts or to prevent them in the first place, but I wonder how many seriously look at the aftermath and its effects on those left to grieve and also those yet unborn.

In fact of course it might not be a war that leaves behind land mines, chemicals and radioactive traces but the failure of factions and factories to clean up their act and instead continue to belch out toxic clouds causing defects to the general population and unborn children in particular.

We still tend to see them as poor little children, but I wonder, did you ever consider the Master Souls that did not need to reincarnate but gave themselves to experience being born as one of those poisoned young people with missing limbs or parts of their nervous systems of even brains destroyed?
Just to teach the rest of the world not to use those substances and certainly not to go to war again. How many take any notice? How many of us learn that lesson?

From the lessons of history I would hazard a guess at not many, and especially those engaged in the manufacture of arms and the dealers in death and destruction. There are too many to name and it is not our place to blame since there is no wrong or right and because their belief in might must make them happy, so who are we to complain? We can only grieve!

Sacrifice takes on a different hue from the orange robes and the white and blue habits especially when we see the different agendas that can lie hidden beneath them!

Surely it does not take much of a sacrifice to respect the religion and pathway to the Divine that others have chosen? And what happened to the ancient tradition of sanctuary where in this 21st Century folks are still allowed to stay stateless? We all hope that Free-will is a reality and if so then who are we to judge the choice of others, as we choose our own sacrifices we must allow others to choose theirs, or not.
Does your Free-will lead you to choose your sacrifice and your happiness?
With Love and Respect, Hanukah


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2 Responses to SACRIFICE

  1. I can make money selling this and have the money to buy that, but it doesn’t mean I should. Pondering long term rather than the immediate now, allows me to notice the responsibility of both buyer and seller, of the things filling the shelves in the market places of the world. If I didn’t want to buy it, who would sell it. And if there was no one selling it, no one could buy it. This isn’t about good guys or bad guys, its the lack of holding ourselves accountable for the choices we make. Until we as a whole care more about the things we fill our body and heart with, what is it we will not buy or sell… for the right price.


    • David says:

      At our age what we have is a gift, we have nothing to sell and therefore buy with great care only what we need. I believe there is no good or bad, only difference and it is up to each individual what they choose. Up to us also what we choose to sacrifice either for ourselves or for others. The price you pay for whatever you decide to fill your heart, mind or body is different in changing markets. Like us I guess you will choose well Sharon. Love, David


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