The airwaves are awash with wishes for unity, to be one with each other and at one with the One whom we call by many different names according to our cultures, our religions or even our disbelief but in our consciousness understand the existence of the Logos. You can’t get away from it!

We, at least many of us, will subscribe to the notion that the beginning of unity must start with peace in the hearts of every human being on earth. How long do you think it will take for that wish to manifest?

Notwithstanding that seeming impossibility, if you look carefully at the cultures and societies which we have built over hundreds of years you will begin to see the background of what we euphemistically refer to as democracy as a cloud of lies, deceit and corruption. No country is free of this hidden agenda, it’s just that some are more clever and have thicker shadows than others and at the same time from behind their shadow can now watch and listen to our every move and conversation!

There is an imbalance between the rich and the poor, between men and women, between black and white skin, between humanity and nature, between one religion and another, between the present and the past. You could argue that there is nothing to bring us all together and in its place is the strongest belief of mankind and this is disbelief.

We have tried to foster the findings of philosophers throughout the ages into the bringing of balance into our societies but sadly the vested interests of those who seek power also, so it seems, cannot feed their own greed to placate their ever increasing avarice.

How did we construct an organisation which we called the United Nations which was supposed to be based on the premise of democracy with the high aspiration to bring us all together when instead, where in any other democratic country the majority wins, we have given away the greatest power to those who have the greatest vested interests which in the main are based on self aggrandisement and are furthest away from Unity.

Why on earth did we give the power of veto to any nation, least of all the already five most powerful permanent members of the Security Council only to make them more powerful? They must have thought they had a Divine Right! The Charter of the United Nations needs to be rewritten in particular in the way the most powerful organ of the UN operates and its power to issue binding resolutions over member states can be used maliciously or blocked by the few or just one on its own.

Who do they think they are to patrol, peace keep and dictate to others how they should behave, when human rights violations in their own countries and their attempts to bring peace to others leave thousands dead and hidden in that same shadow leaving much to be desired on the pathway to Unity?

This diatribe of death and destruction has to be said as the prelude to the Divine inspiration which like it, admit it or not you all receive again and again in your conscious mind where your one true goal is that of joy and happiness for yourself and also for the rest of humanity. The trouble is most of us have forgotten how to achieve it without causing death and destruction. Ask any Permanent Member of the Security Council the meaning of Unconditional Love and you will get a blank stare or a derisory laugh!

In the dim and distant past we knew how to achieve this but we quickly deteriorated into disbelief, devastation and death leaving not much mindfulness and little hope of happiness. What is needed is radical change!

I do not see the opportunity of another great being to lead us out of the mire we are mistaking for our magnificence. There will be no return as many would wish and in fact believe. But here’s the thing:

Never lose hope for Happiness, be grateful for all that you have, use every opportunity to store more and more peace in your heart, see yourself in everyone that you meet until you become One with Everyone, smile and see the joy reflected in every face and above all press for change for the better in this world, at no cost and with no thought of reward, which is really struggling to survive.
Love, Hanukah


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to DISUNITY

  1. I do see a time coming of teachers who will walk this plane, leading those who wish to be lead out of the abyss they have for so long lived in and have forgotten how to get out of.
    When my heart hears a different song and wants to know the words… my life starts anew, and the work begins.
    Hope, even a drop at a time can be the difference between hopeful and hopeless. * bows*


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