Well, this is all about the Law of Attraction and all that implies.
The Law works, make no mistake, but probably not in the way that you would imagine. Desire and desiring better and better certainly contributes to the energetic way that the Universe as a whole is constructed to operate. Just look at the star nurseries and the constant renewal that involves the production of new star systems and their associated planets.

Whether the new planets will support life as we know it, or as we never imagined, is another and natural consequence, the same really as the moment that a volcano erupts here on Planet Earth which is a natural event not programmed or decided upon by any supernatural being. Except that is, according often, to the way mankind disrupts the natural working of the planet by all our mining, drilling, fracking and logging etc.

Oh! You thought that all our massive mining and disastrous drilling had no effect? Then think again! No one, but no one has had the foresight to even estimate the possible consequences of our actions such as the slashing and burning and destroying of ancient forests. We are all too ready to blame something like the Law of Attraction for the natural disasters.

The Law gives the impression that if you desire something strongly enough and perhaps for long enough all that you desire will be brought to you. But think about it for a moment: You have a long running dispute with a neighbour and wish he would fall and break his neck. Do you honestly believe that that event will be attracted to you?

Oh you will say, it’s not bad things that are attracted it’s only good stuff! Yeah right! That’s like saying that the Akashic Record only contains the good things in your life. Sorry to disappoint you but it is all there my friends the good, the bad and the ugly too!

Then there are those who say if they want something strongly enough they can just sit indoors and wait and it will come knocking. Sorry wrong again. But what the Law of Attraction will do is to allow you to act to find what you want but the action is all yours. It is certainly not provided on a plate!

What the Law does is to respond energetically to your needs, wants and desires, with you but not for you, if you get my drift? In other words if you are thirsty and want water it will help you to find it by allowing you to say hear the sound of running water or in a multitude of other ways but it will not hand you the glass of water. As always it is you that has to do the work!

You like many others may desire to be happy but as we have tried to explain happiness is not handed to you, it is a matter of belief that enables you to reach that level of consciousness.

There is a deal of difference between what you expect and what you are responsible for in this life. Some may seem to lead charmed lives, but for the majority of us we are not born with the silver spoon in our mouth and we have to accept the fact that we are responsible to find our own way in this life.

Personal responsibility is one of my pet reactions to questions concerning so called lack, which rarely exists and is so often down to the person not accepting their own personal responsibility.

There is another aspect to the Law which we need to face and it is that of balance which is an aspect often forgotten. So much of our mental energy is spent on gain of one sort or another, whether it be for food or making a living to support ourselves and our families or sheer greed.

The balance between the physical and the spiritual is so important, which many so called atheists will refute right away, confusing spirituality with religion. But for those of us who probably could not live without the knowledge of the Divine Element within, there is the other aspect of consciousness that need not involve Divinity, which we have Free-will to decline.

Nevertheless the balance comes in accepting and allowing the other avenues of energetic transfer of information, mental and physical health not forgetting Well-being into our minds which will affect every aspect of our consciousness and our lives. Be well, with Love, Hanukah


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  1. Oh and I forgot to say.. I so enjoyed again your inspirational post xox


  2. Having read the Secret too, The Law of attraction is not all about our desires as we well know.. its about Intentions… I loved this video from Abraham Hicks as Ester explains
    Enjoy David.


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