Following on Imagination, on the Angel Messenger.
I believe that change is proof of growth!
I was led to believe that the Universe was only made visible for our benefit, in fact a prayer often used I now realise implies as much! Whoops!!

I know that our individual perception can vary greatly, you only have to ask the witnesses to an accident or homicide for their version of the event as it unfolded to appreciate how we all see things differently. Our brains are the most amazing tools of our trade and by design will filter out what it considers unnecessary or fill in the blanks and since we are all unique, hence the difference in our perceptions. The witnesses going through gruelling cross examination process in the Oscar Pistorious trial in Johannesburg, as I write, are a case in point.

But contrary to my original teaching I’ve changed my mind in the light of recent events, shall we say, to appreciate that in fact however we see or perceive things they are real, they are our reality. The notion that something disappears or is no longer there because we move our focus or ourselves from the scene is again a fallacy.

However it is also true to say that our reality can change according to our state of mind and from the last post, (ha ha,) just realise how that sounds, and you know what that means? That we have visualised it differently, or imagined a totally different scenario that may have changed over time, or due to the shared experience of the same event with someone else. Just like the witnesses and their different testimonies in the trial.

So reality can change seemingly of its own accord, but in fact it is the memory that changes due to outside influences or the way we ourselves change our remembrances due purely to time. So in short: everything that happens or that impacts on you is your reality, it might not be the same for others, but it is yours even if it is just within your imagination which we know is the beginning of your creative process.

Conversely, if we consider the download of the Spirit to the Akashic Record at life’s end, which should happen although may not according to circumstances, all that has happened in our life is faithfully recorded and kept for eternity. Incidentally we have the option to consult that Record if we so wish and everything that pertains to us is available. Even the most intense concentration that we may be involved with either for ourselves, our bosses at work or our professors at university, with sufficient effort may yield answers to problems that have mystified humanity for millennia!

You see your reality can go beyond the daily grind the ‘normal’ thoughtful processes and creative ideas that circle round in our consciousness to include other avenues of information apart from the Akashic Record mentioned above.

Many of those millennia ago mankind lost one of those most vital pathways of perception not due to anything other than personal preference and over the intervening eons of time, reinforced by religion, and therefore lost until maybe this moment for you and others like you, of like mind, whose appreciation of reality is willing to take a leap into the unknown and to allow and accept the available opening of the avenues to wise counsel and inherent wisdom of the self.

We have to say yet again that knowing yourself will allow you to link in to your inherent wisdom even if you are not willing, yet, to take that leap!

I sincerely hope that in time you will, to take advantage of the constant stream of data, information and wisdom that is flowing your way if only you will accept it. It can help you to fill your heart with peace and recognise yourself in the kingdom of heaven that is here with you now.
With great Love, Hanukah


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