The zero Time Line is at Greenwich, London, England and always has been as far back as anyone can remember. That would make us in England at the centre of the World, where it begins and ends, would it not?

It begs the question why? Why is it accepted by the Russians and the Americans and the Chinese, all powerful countries today and in the remembered past such as the Roman Empire which surely considered Rome at the hub of the known world.

Think about it! Where would that have emerged from? Perhaps this was something that was stored in the consciousness of all human beings from way back. So where did that cellular conscious Time Line come from. Why in fact was Greenwich of all places considered the centre of the world?

It is now widely accepted that America was visited way before Columbus and most recently proven that an Englishman was there in approximately 1,200 AD. But here’s the thing: What if America was explored not 1,200 or 12, 000 but say 70,000 years ago.

Have you heard of the secret cave dwellings found in America that the locals are loathe to let anyone investigate in case it would show that America had been visited way before recorded time and therefore the history books would have to be rewritten? What are they afraid of? Would it prove that one could walk there rather than having to cross an ocean?

Time was invented by us, by our ancestors but we are reminded repeatedly that time does not exist and due to the differences in the orbits of other heavenly bodies in the Universe their ideas would be completely different to our own concept of the passage of time in the Universe. Even on Earth we have to make adjustments not only by Leap years but also by seconds here and there!

So time together with the variations in the speed of light and of gravity, claimed to be constants, not forgetting our rough and ready method of carbon dating are all some of the most inexact of our sciences, although those of the establishment would have us believe otherwise, and it makes you wonder what else they are hiding from us in plain sight? They even claim that time is now measured by an atomic clock dependant on the speed of rotation of the electrons around the nucleus of an atom which of course does not vary. Yeah right!

But here’s a question for you: Looking back, not so far, to my post AURORA posted on 05.03.14 you will find a graphic of Pangaea, and the question is where do you think Greenwich lies on that massive continent? Have a good look and draw your own logical conclusion. The first thing you will perhaps note is that it would have been easy to walk from Greenwich to America!

Here’s a clue: Think about America, England, Ireland, France and Spain.

Maybe, just maybe you were there at the time and can by recall shed some light on the mystery of our intriguing Time Line accepted by the rest of the world!

It was obviously accepted when we were one continent, but then when the cataclysm tore the world apart you would have thought it would also have done the same with our concept of time relative to the rotation of the Earth and its passage round the Sun, but somehow it had become securely embedded in the corridors of our consciousness or was it put there by some other means? What do you think?

Incidentally in the search for the mythical city of Atlantis archaeologists, anthropologists and oceanographers are looking in places as far apart as the Mediterranean and America. Quite right too for it will not be found in just one place even if the remains are recognised at all!

One thing that all researchers should remember is that there are many ancient continents some higher and some lower than they were relative to the oceans, and some whose names have been changed just as the names of towns and cities in England have changed since Roman times, the names of places in India change as we speak and how Rhodesia became Zimbabwe.

Some say time is money, but when your life flashes before you in the review that will take place on your death time will have no line, beginning or end, except a series of momentous or otherwise moments for you to peruse and see if in fact you followed your own Soul Time Line.
Happy hunting with Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to TIME LINES

  1. My Raphael's Legacy says:

    Ha ha I think not one only needs to read your closing paragraph to appreciate which access point you’re actually opening up. What’s more that closing paragraph resonates nicely with a page I’ve just written re: understanding personal power, for if we’ve been on the right time line journey, we’ll have been aware of it long before our current time is about to expire. So I don’t think they’ll be any exploration of our journey, for I’m sure that our focus will be upon the new time line journey about to begin, sincere regards, Barry


  2. My Raphael's Legacy says:

    Great post oozing a primordial call to enquiry deep into our akashic layers, therein; a great journey that is sure to throw up all sort of things, so very big than you David for opening this doorway, yet another inspiring and uplifting post from you big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry


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