When was the last time you travelled back in time?
Was it a day-dream, a night-dream or a nightmare?
You know there are times when some, if not all of us, need to travel back in time, in order not so much to correct mistakes of the past, but to see the past as it really was and to adjust our maladjusted memories which we have seen fit, maybe unconsciously, to manipulate to how we think it all happened.

Maybe we do it to fulfil a need to satisfy our childhood or youthful feelings of loss, neglect or loneliness. Those impressionable interludes of immaturity that can still upset us, even our adult perceptions of the past can plague us until we are resolved to reassess our memories.

I found a half brother and sister when I was 43, we have the same father whom I only met before memory kicked in and therefore do not have any conscious images of him. Not even pictures until I met the rest of the family! I went with my brother to see the grandfather’s house, on my mother’s side, in Liverpool. It was a huge shock for me as it was not as I remembered it or the locality which according to my mixed up memories of childhood had left me with totally different images.

So, I only mention this because it often helps to revisit places that were important in the past, and possibly hold strong and often erroneous memories, not just of the buildings and areas but to try to recall the people whose relationships with you in that setting, seen now with adult eyes, will enable you to bring memories into line with a true perspective.

This then is the way of the physical Time Lord.
However, you are also at liberty to find your way back in time, through your own consciousness, which will open the avenue of accuracy of things past through from the Akashic Record.

This avenue is open to all sincere Lords and Travellers of Time including you if you are so inclined!

In this unique internal process you will also be able really to see what made the adults of your childhood years tick and understand why they acted as they did leaving such deep marks on your memories.

Of course your memories could not be classed as lies unless of course you deliberately lied to yourself, but more than likely mistaken moments from the past. The trouble is that the world we have made has been built on lies, which does not help our own efforts to get at our own truths.

There are such euphemisms as diplomatic speak and negotiation tricks played over business transactions, underpaying of people working far longer hours than is good for their health who no doubt wish that they could travel back in time to periods of their ancestors who seemed to enjoy better conditions.

Conversely due to the world wide craze of buying cheap commodities from places like China and Bangladesh we, the rest of us, have created two distinct classes, apart from the original caste systems, one of billionaires and the other of those living below the poverty line.

As mentioned above the avenue of the Akashic Record is open to all sincere Lords and Travellers of Time including you if you are so inclined! And your expected question would be how do I do that?

Well using the similar analogy to the second invisible sky imagine that there is a cloud similar to the Cloud now used by surfers of the Internet to store their files and photos, you will I hope appreciate that your own personal Akashic Record although invisible like the Cloud and the Realm of Souls follows you round storing every single happening in your life since birth automatically and equally accessible as the Cloud.

Therefore if you are sincere you don’t have to travel or to look far because it is always with you and you can travel back in time wherever you are as with all the opportunities of HPT whether standing, sitting still, on your way to work or walking in the woods.

Yes, it is also within you since the Passive Witness, your Soul sees and remembers it all and your Spirit collects it all ready to download to the Akashic Record itself on your passing. Some of us remember everything others have a problem with what happened yesterday!

It is therefore within in you in various forms and it also surrounds you! So, how could you help being a Time Lord?

However, contrary to the fantasies of pseudo mystics and silly scientists searching for the Philosopher’s Stone, you will never physically travel back in time.

I wonder what the Lords of Time of the future will think when looking back on these moments of our time? I would hazard a guess that with one accord they will thank the Lord Logos that they did not live now and would never wish to travel through time to visit our imbalanced world built on lies, damned lies and statistics and constantly at war with one another!
In hope and Love, Hanukah


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  1. cat says:

    http://www.youtube.com/embed/gx__QYxyhAY?rel=0 will read your article shortly, David …just thought I’d say Hi at this time … born to win … smiles … i’m fighting hard for my health … be well, eh? love, cat.


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