People place great importance on the Crown Chakra and as we have advised before it is the Base that is most important upon which all the rest stand. A bit like making sure the foundations are good before you build a house!

Folks are convinced that its importance, the crown that is, is based on this being the entry point of Divine energy into the human body. In fact it is true that the Fontanel is the first to open and the last to close after birth, but the Divine energy does not need this portal which after all is developed from the body itself and depends on the way the body grows and evolves producing its own magnetic field seen as the aura.

Divine energy can and does enter via the eyes, the ears and every pore of the largest organ of the body, the skin.

The human race has become so arrogant to presume that we are the only form of intelligent life that has evolved so far in the Universe whereas according to the many factors including the relationship between the planet and the sun and the choices they have made as a race as per the way that we have developed, prospered and reproduced being essentially of animal origin.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are more, shall I say, mindful ways to reproduce a species than the two sex animal coupling which was by our choice and on this planet will never change!

It makes you wonder how we have the temerity to think that we are the only ones and yet by all the movements in the skies above us since records began it is plainly obvious that there are far more sophisticated and technologically advanced beings keeping an eye on us and that is from the perspective of form never mind spirit!

If you doubt that we have been watched since the beginning take a look at many of the old masters and bring a magnifying glass with you for a mere speck in the sky behind say the Holy Family you will find something which when blown up resembles one of our modern day sightings of a UFO.

Naturally it had to appear as a speck or blemish in the sky for any reference to anything alien would have been seen as heretical and worthy of something very nasty for the artist in question.

However an alien might appear to us, would depend as above, on the relationship between its planet and star and the choice of evolution of its species, but there could be certain common denominators such as two arms, two legs and a head to house a brain and maybe that’s all we would recognise, at least on the outside.

But then what about the inner workings of the mind or consciousness, synonymous with Spirit if you prefer, I believe that every one of the conscious beings in the Universe at least at the level of humans and above would have a Soul and also a similar DNA structure.

Has anyone of our researchers taken the intuitive leap to dare to decide where the God Gene came from? I think not, at least not yet! Give them time and maybe already circling round the corridors of their consciousness one day they will find the courage to say so! It could come from the researchers who are still struggling with the complexities of the DNA Spiral, which in case they do not know is constantly changing. Then the question will be: Who is the Alien now?

In terms of our tiny planet alone we are miniscule when we realise that there are heavenly bodies thousands of times bigger than our Earth, which we have successfully depleted beyond redemption.

Certainly change is needed urgently. We are a creative species and I believe that it is possible, tiny as we obviously are, for us to change from the arrogance model to one of humility and respect for our beautiful planet in the hopes that we are not too late to choose a different evolutionary pathway to one of peace, simplicity and appreciation. Gratitude would be good too!

If indeed we are of animal stock then we could make a start by being kind instead of killing our cousins in the animal kingdom, loving instead of logging and being mindful instead of mining.
In hope and Love, Hanukah


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  1. I am sure there are thousands if not millions of other forms of intelligent life .. We presume we are so superior and yet we can not even look after the greatest gift given us… Life on Planet Earth.. very good read David.
    Blessings Sue


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