What are you afraid of?
At least a few of my friends are not afraid of spiders! One was born in Africa and was used to the pretty big varieties and when taking one out of my bath it bit him, but he was not perturbed and took it gently to a flowerbed outside. What a star! Another born in Belgium deals with all the creepy crawlies in my life, luckily and even removed a praying mantis for a terrified supermarket assistant, which also incidentally bit him! I think I must be a born coward.

Actually it’s not the spider or insect that we may be afraid of, after all we could easily kill them, but the fact that if they did bite us there is a chance that it may kill us! You may be afraid of fire or conversely of drowning, of going blind or deaf, which for an artist of musician could be a real challenge!

You may be afraid of the heat from your stove so you put in less fuel, but then wonder why it takes so long to cook your meal and why you are so cold!

You will be able to think of many things that frighten you, but I would ask you to look carefully at each and every one of the things that bring the slightest twinge of fear or concern into your mind. Look at the underlying reason for that fear and it is likely that deep down the fear is nothing less than your fear of dying, or fear for those left behind!

In fact it is not unusual in this war torn world to fear life itself which in certain cases will be greater than the fear of death! Some will say that they do not fear death, as in my case, but it is the manner of my death that does concern me, which deep down must be a fear of pain which is strange for I have had many painful situations in my life leading to many operations that have had their own risks and fears associated with them.

Do you fear losing your job?
I didn’t pass all my exams in my final year of college so was in danger of being relegated to working on the shop floor instead of the design office where I knew I should be. I am still in awe of a power that came to me to leave the company, retake and pass my finals and negotiate a return to work. Where there is a will there is a way! But was that my will or a Divine will, taking me in the designed direction?

It may be a simple fear that it may rain on the day you want to do the washing and hang it out to dry. You see how the smallest things can bring that emotion into your consciousness?

So what do you fear?
If you are honest with yourself, and let’s face it, there is no other way to be, even if you tell fibs and little white lies to others, you will in fact fear many, many things.

You may even fear the possibility of a cosmic projectile like a comet or a meteor crashing into Earth, causing more damage than one hundred nuclear bombs which we know from the past could wipe out all life, including such species as dinosaurs, so what chance would we have? But why fear? There is nothing we could do about it despite the over optimistic notions of some scientists who think we could divert such a cosmic catastrophe with a rocket carrying a bomb of our own. But a shift in Earth’s axis and a consequent ice age?

If we knew about it, can you imagine what the mass fear of annihilation from all 7 billion of us would do to our fragile individual and mass consciousnesses? What do you imagine that would do to the hardware of our physical brains? In fact when you think about it we all live in fear and at the same time wonder why we only have one tenth the capacity of our brains at our disposal!

So as they say here – Basta! (bastante) – enough, already of fear!
What if our fear could be converted to complete knowledge and faith in the existence of an ever loving Divinity, which is all love, a part of which lives within us, is the real us, is eternal and no way could be harmed or killed off by anything as minor as a bite or as major as a nuclear holocaust or ice age?

How could that possibly happen? You will ask. Well, by the simple conversion of fear to love. In that process the jumbled pathways and synapses of our fear infested brains would immediately become disentangled, allowing the free flow of inherent love, knowledge and wisdom. Oh yes you are wise if you would allow yourself to be so!

Now that, my friends is the beginning of enlightenment, when the other nine tenths of the brain are allowed to come on line and begin to function, giving as all, or those who would subscribe to such a phenomenal potential, the greatest leap in an exponential evolution of mankind.

One final thought: Fear is doing nothing less than drying out and atrophying our brains. As Krishna tried to explain to Arjuna in the Mahabharata and as Jeshua (Jesus) tried to explain along with Buddha, it is the message that is of value and the carrier or personality is worthless. This body carries within us the message that is eternal and of infinite importance.

Listen to the message, the still small voice inside:
Do not fear, only Love which leads to happiness with Hanukah


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2 Responses to FEAR

  1. We often are Fearful of many things… I changed my way of thinking after reading a book by Neale Donald Walsch where he said.. F.E.A. R. should mean Feeling.. Excited And Ready… and he also said in Conversations with God Books “Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked..”
    Love or Fear !.. I know which I would rather choose…
    Great post David..
    Love Sue xox


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