Depending on where you stand, even if we could take a glimpse in the mind of the Master Einstein the world can seem a very different place. It’s all relative of course! But if you are of a religious bent be very wary in these days of discernment, for those who profess to follow a prophet may in fact follow the words of the so called saint, who many might revere as the channel of the words of their God, but are actually those of the cults or canons decided upon by followers with their own interpretations and agendas.

Even those in robes of any colour depending on their following and especially those in the orange of supposed sacrifice, whether monk or avatar, beneath their cloth they are after all only human and can be as misguided or fanatical as any activist.

It is when testing truth and possibly finding falsehood that we all need to look carefully at each and every entity that may be hiding underneath their uniform which has been designed to inspire respect and awe over centuries.

We know by the treatment and abuse of children, by male or female of the cloth, whether verbal or otherwise and even the encouragement of those in robes to harm and even kill those of another faith by others, that there are no lengths to which these robed and frocked and simple followers will stray from, not the reams written in a prophets name, but the simple list of so called commandments which I would sum up as ‘Ahimsa’ or ‘Do no harm’ from which the rest should follow.

We see the human frailties filtering through all walks of life from corruption in Government to the Gurus who live in palaces with six Rolls Royce cars in fact in many mansions. It seems they have incorrectly interpreted the ‘many mansions in my Father’s house’ as amassing fortunes on earth and living like Eastern Potentates while many of their followers are living in poverty.

Is it any wonder that I believe that the time of the Gurus, Priests and Avatars is well past their sell-by-date?

There may be a glimmer of hope in the philosophy expressed by the latest Pope Francis but his task within his own church would seem to be greater than the scaling of Mount Everest, never mind the rest of the over 1.2 billion followers.

But still we, being human, look for others to blame instead of looking in the mirror to see how our own thoughts and actions affect the world around us, and how much we ourselves should be held to account by the wider understanding of the Universal Consciousness.

But then that is not how the Universal Consciousness works is it? We got ourselves into this almighty mess over many generations and it is up to us to dig ourselves out of the mire.

Despite the increasing membership figures of the Catholic Church it concerns me that the third world is again being led along the wrong path with vicarious values. If only the Human Race could understand that there is no need for an uncertain intermediary however clever the rhetoric and that we are all part of the Divine.

To say that we are apart from or ignored by, removed from or whatever from the Divine is pure nonsense since we all, whether we believe it or not have a part of the Divine within us and therefore can never be apart from the Divine.

If there was no part of the Divine within us we would not be human, so it is not a question of belief, but in knowing ourselves and in so doing when we look in that mirror we should begin to understand and look with the same care to realise that, although invisible within us, we should think, speak and act through thought, word and deed as a part of that creative power of Divinity.

Does the name Rohingya ring in your ears?
About 800,000 Muslim Rohingyas live in the Rakhine state of Burma or the Myanmar government has tried to rid their country of these peace loving people without success and it has been left to the Buddhist Monks to encourage the systematic genocide and burning of their villages to the ground by other Buddhists because they are not accepted by any country.

How inhuman is that? I hear you say!
No! How very human is that!
Now what do you see when you look in the mirror, all you Buddhists, all you Burmese Government officials, all you United Nations Members?
Who will offer them a home?
The Dalai Lama was immediately offered sanctuary in Northern India when China invaded Tibet, but there is no invasion here just genocide!
There are many pathways to the Divine and each of us has a part of the Divine within us so that we may choose that path by which we are named and in this case shamed.
There is no happiness here. I truly wish there were, with Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to FACE IT!

  1. cat says:

    Dalai Lama (Rama Bla Bla) … he was the last one I trusted to be true … only to find out that he is not … totally disillusioned I stumble through life … there is no one, I repeat no one to follow … but our own heart, yes?


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