It is said that everything is about economics, whatever subject or sphere of life you like to talk about it all comes down to economics. This is as a result of the prime target of the human condition to find happiness and in trying to do the best for yourself, you would imagine!

So all things being equal in this way the levels of your consciousness change to accommodate your thoughts of well-being , doing those things and living your life in the way that makes that often radical change in the level of consciousness which brings the overall, and throughout it all, feeling of happiness. As I call it the elusive level of consciousness!

In my own experience it matters not how generous you are with your time, your efforts and your free-will gifts to others, you will never please all of them all of the time and in my case the accusation of selfishness came as the marker of jealousy, that I was able to manage my life in a way that enabled me to help others at the same time as including that elusive and radical change within.

There is of course a danger in any sphere when you realise that in trying to make a happy life for yourself, temptation can get in the way as economics turns sour. It is at this, or maybe these, points on our pathways that no doubt Sai Baba would call on the case for character to steer us away from the tempter whose presence appears more prevalent the higher we go in the echelons of power.

All power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. You see the tempter knows that the higher you go the more you expect and the more he will get in return for his favours. He has not heard of unconditional love, he has never in his life given anything for nothing. That would be beyond his mental capability to contemplate such a fruitless action!

One of the greatest lessons that should be taught at every level of education is that what you give you will get back tenfold. Maybe not immediately although let me say that the higher you go the faster the return. So when you give hate you will receive a package of measures that when opened will teach you the error of your ways.

When you give love, with no expectation of reward in any form or like measure you will receive a universal thank-you which will often surprise you. It may even be a challenge to test you even more, in fact to see how much more you can give and how sincere you are in your giving that deep down you really do not expect anything in return.

After all this is the classroom of Earth and we are here to learn to build a character, to build a nature of loving kindness and the courage to meet our challenges face to face, no matter at which level we have decided to enter life on Earth.

There is no doubt that the primal urge that exists within us all is to try to do the best we can for ourselves, to do what makes us feel good and happy, but it is a fine line to tread when the tempter taps at your door and the weak will see the easy way to indulge that prime motivation, when erroneously the opportunity to get, to buy, to don the uniform that puts them ahead of others is offered on a plate.

Corruption? Never!
Just a means to a justifiable end which, after all, is our only motivation to pursue our true life purpose to happiness. As if the acquisition of things that we cannot take with us when we leave and incur responsibility for while we are here will make us happy! Try telling that to the many in power, living in obscene luxury, who as we speak are being ousted and often indicted for crimes against humanity by popular demand!

Economics was never my subject but I can see through its murky lens the inequalities that it allows in religion, local and national government and nation to nation where the word share means a piece of paper which entitles you to more ill gotten gains if you consider yourself lucky and the market moves in your favour, instead of the spiritual significance of sharing.

Happiness is, as I call it, that elusive level of consciousness, as with every aspect of consciousness there are highs and lows, but I have to say that one of the highs, of all the simple things that I enjoy, is when I can cook – which makes me happy – leading to one of the highest of sharing a meal I have prepared myself with others. Economics does not come into it!
Enjoy and be happy with Hanukah.


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