Hooray – I got through – I should have added the virtue of persistence to this post!!

In searching the corridors of consciousness for happiness, I came across something that surprised me somewhat! It takes the mind back to the memories brought through from the Soul’s experiences of lives from ages past, when we found that all that glittered was not gold. Although to be honest we did use gold in very special ways.

Like many of us in this present moment of time we have all been together in a world that used the gifts of nature to their full potential and at the same time to our full advantage. The fad, for that is what it is, of precious and semi precious gemstones stems from the time when we knew intuitively what their purpose was and how we could use them.

Some will tell you that the time has come again for us to return to the crystal time, but my friends, we have been there, bought the ‘T’ shirt and got the scars to prove it! So what would be the point of a revisit, especially without that special knowledge now lost?

For instance, in the remote past we were able to harness the power of the sun using the crystals and so we needed no other fuel. We were able to use that power to mine, cut and carve the hardest of rocks and use the power of the Earth itself to lift those massive monoliths over great distances and huge heights.

Now you can appreciate why we still like glittery things and sadly think that they will make us happy if we allow the habit of accumulating those same shiny things. Sadly my friends we have forgotten how to use them. We have forgotten how to use the power of the Earth and the Sun, relying so much on the carbon based fuels for so long now and to the detriment of the same Earth we call Mother (ME), that we can visualise nothing to replace them.

But this is only one aspect of supposed happiness which we need to convert into a new habit of happiness to satisfy our needs. It’s sad isn’t it when we have to let go? You know, I too love glittery things: I love shining brass and silver, never liked gold much, which with its varying carats I saw as being slightly impure, but sterling silver was pure for me!

At my first marital breakup though I gave away all the silver cutlery not much enamoured with the horrible habit of having to clean the whole canteen before every special meal, but since I like the glitter and kindly light of candles I kept and still use the brass candle sticks. Though they too may be on their way as ME has provided other natural means to hold the kindly light.

But as is my habit I digress! As I said I am happy with the candles and until now, although I did not like the messy business of cleaning the brass, I was happy with the result and very happy when help was offered to polish to a shared shine.

But that was a lesson I had to learn since I did not want to put anyone else to the bother and would often refuse a helping hand. Until that is in my search through the matrix of the often muddy tracks of the mind I realised that I was in fact denying others an opportunity. I was preventing others from giving and in fact I was almost uprooting the seeds of unconditional love. Heaven forfend!

It is so important to look carefully at our motives behind every thought and word and action. In our attempts to help others, are we in fact at times denying them their fundamental right to give and therefore their opportunity to help us and for them therefore to feel the happiness they seek.

If we truly wish, desire, want and in my view need the habit of giving to make us happy, then be prepared to let go of all those old habits that may stand in the way and then allow others to give just as much as we need to give.

Can you see that in this way, by understanding our mental processes, we can clear the avenues of consciousness, allow our natural gifts to flourish, unconditional love to flow and the glittering habit of happiness to let peace reign in our hearts.

Cultivate the glittering habit of happiness and peace in your heart, Hanukah


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  1. Lovely that you are back David.. and yes those ancient days have come and gone, as we let go of our intuitive powers to hold onto the the glittery things of material wealth.. Which serve to show us that all that Glitters is not Golden… For the simple flame of a candle lights the way as does the smile of a good heart…
    Thank you David for your post ans showing us that those Habits of happiness are far more precious than any diamonds that glitter.. 🙂 Blessings Sue


  2. cat says:

    Sorry, haven’t read your article yet … but hae been crying out for a sign of life frim you … and there you are … if there are miracles, this is one I believe in … so sad and angry right now … it’s clouding everything in my view … it would be my 3rd daughter’s 28th birthday, come Feb 26 … so long ago … but seems to me like a week ago … oh …


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