Some will be worried not to forget the chocolates in a heart shaped box and the carefully crafted card on this Day of the ancient Canonised Roman Priest and Martyr St Valentine, their focus of responsibility is defined and confined to their loved ones as they remember the romantic holiday in vogue since the time of Chaucer.

Many others are more worried about the broader view of Karma, but at the same time frankly seem to have the wrong idea about its source, its purpose and its effect in this life.

There is personal Karma, there is group and also national Karma, but we will concern ourselves as we began with the personal side of life since I believe that it all begins and ends with personal responsibility at least for now!

The biggest hurdle to get over is the common barrier that implies that we are given a bad hand to play as punishment for misdeeds in a previous life.
Oh! I forgot to mention that in order to get any sense out of this you must at least believe in the possibility of reincarnation! After all it once appeared in many parts of the Bible but was systematically removed by the early bishops and holy fathers.

When you consider the reason for life itself then you have to consider the needs of the Soul. Each life is carefully planned, best to give the experience that will provide the Soul with its finest opportunity for advancement. Once decided upon the Soul has little say in how the life progresses since it maintains a passive presence and it is up to the consciousness, mind, Spirit to live that life as it wishes.

Apart from gentle impulses from the Soul and what we call the Guardian Angel, better named Counsellor, there is little the Soul can do except to sit back and suffer the consequences of the Spirit.

So what can we, all us disparate personalities, do about it?
We can accept our personal responsibility for rest assured we are responsible!
You may have thought that a daily HPT meditation inviting the Trinity to keep the conversation going so that every nuance of the Soul experience is covered on a personal basis would be sufficient, but it does not end there.

It is said that Simon carried the cross of Jeshua (Jesus) and so each of you will have to carry the cross of all of your brothers and sisters, whether you recognise them as such or not. It is not a question of whether you agree to bear this burden there is in fact no escaping this responsibility.

The greatest pity is that you do not consciously accept responsibility even for members of your families or of your neighbours, never mind the rest of humanity, but this is the way it is and you will all be held accountable. Understand this and be not surprised when the weight of this burden falls upon you.

However you view others in foreign lands whom you call by different names such as foreigner, when you are in fact the foreigner or terrorist when the way you slaughter their innocent brothers and sisters, in fact your own brothers and sisters makes you the terrorist, for whom you are ultimately responsible.
How does that make you feel?

It is time for mankind to wake up to its responsibility. We as a race are responsible for the whole planet, for all humanity on the planet, for all life on the planet, for all life in the oceans. The watchword to watch out for is compassion. If you are lost for words think of that one word in whatever situation you find yourself. Compassion is the only word that has true meaning and will allow you to take your full responsibility.

Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy your chocolates as you contemplate your ultimate responsibility, with Love, Hanukah


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  1. David again you give your reader words to contemplate.. So often ‘we’ often seek to put the blame on another.. and fail to see our own responsibility in the scheme of things .. But Responsible we are… and none more so for our own thoughts and actions…

    Many thanks again dear friend for your own support and compassionate comment upon my resent posting… I truly appreciated your kind words….
    Love Sue xox


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