A Leopard does not change its spots.
A Tiger does not change its stripes,
and a Zebra’s bar-code coat is unique
and so distinctive that its offspring
can tell it from thousands in a herd.

A comedian can change his routine
And a chameleon can change its camouflage.
Which one are you?

Do you change your image to suit your audience or those you consider predators, or are you the same loveable, kind and compassionate soul to all whom you meet?

I learnt some time ago that it’s not what others think that matters even if they consider you to be indifferent or selfish.

We each have our own paths to tread, but the goal for us all is the same – happiness, and if that level of consciousness comes to you through a life of simplicity, patience and compassion which others disagree with then that is their problem, just don’t take it on board and make it yours!

If others consider your pursuit of happiness selfish then so be it! Don’t take it to heart and remember that unconditional love can appear as indifference.

Whoever you decide to be, or whoever you are, be yourself!

Next question: Do you know who you are, and what you are?
If you are a true aspirant and really want to know what makes you tick – you know most people do not know what makes them tick – how you connect with others on this planet and I don’t just mean human kind I mean the whole gamut of life in, on and above this world! Then you need to know yourself and I mean really know yourself.

OK so you’ve heard this refrain before, but the fact is that, although you may consider it too slow to mention, evolution changes you every day and in order to truly know yourself it involves a daily routine of review.

We have spoken about our daily HPT connections and meetings of the Trinity but as I myself change there is a greater emphasis in my consciousness for the continuous conversation to become an inherent part of us , just like breathing.

In this way we become so familiar with every nuance of our mind, we become aware of what we think and why we think the way we do with the beneficent backup of those who minister to us every moment of every breath which many will call mindfulness.

You will begin to know yourself much as Jeshua and Buddha knew themselves, their purpose, their relationship with others on Earth and also in my view more importantly with those who are within call to help us through our challenges, even if that means an occasional (sorry that should be essential) walk in the wilderness!

I’m not saying that we can leave it all to them, far from it, what would be the point of that, but a little help from our friends both in form and otherwise confirms that we are not alone and we can get help when we need it.

So the message is to keep your coat of many colours, be yourself, know yourself and be happy.
With Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to WHO ARE YOU?

  1. I could not agree more… My spots are me… and will not change,.. and believe me some have tried! 🙂 xxxxx


  2. cat says:

    This a bit besides the points you are making, but feel compelled to ask: Do you know anything about the meaning of recurring dreams about reading? I have had many lately, but often I can not decipher anything. Trying so hard, my eye balls are sore in the morning at times.


    • David says:

      Sorry it’s taken a while to get to this, but in fact you are the only one who can decipher what those symbols of books mean to you. Don’t try to read though, try to feel the energies that are held within the volume that are presented to you. It may be something as simple as telling you to change and to read the right stuff! Love, David


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