There is only One and mankind has by the grace of the One been gifted with the means by which we can become consciously at one with the One.

There has been much talk about the possibility of life starting from the microbes or bacteria or even viruses brought to the earth by a meteor or a comet careering through space with no predetermined destination but by the grace of the One landed with cataclysmic effect on the earth, but at the same time being the bringer of life!

Of course this was a natural event which could have happened at any time on any planet that happened to be in the path of that piece of rock from another place or planet in the universe, but I believe that it was not exactly like that, although close.

There is no doubt though that life began many millions of years ago and there have been many paths of evolution followed by mass extinctions leading to new evolutions amongst which was the forerunner of the hominids which evolved to the state of an instinctive upright species which for the sake of simplicity I will call the sub-human.

Since time does not exist we cannot be sure even of linear time but I believe that approximately 70,000 years ago there was a radical change in the physiology of the sub-human. It was at about this moment in time that we were given the opportunity, one at a time to link in with the source of all life, the One.

It is my appreciation of events since then that as the gift spread from person to person, it also contained the surge in consciousness when mankind began to think that it was all powerful and that if there was such a thing as a god there was no reason why mankind should not be able to assume the same powers as a god.

The race of man began therefore to separate itself from the source and lost the ability or the knowledge how to link consciously with the One.

Throughout the ages since, with the proliferation of prophets and the diversity of dogmas it was even considered heretical to assume any direct connection with any divinity, by any name, punishable by death.

Luckily for us some had retained the secret knowledge and through the passage of time, in our terms, we have that magnificent opportunity again if we so chose. Care must be exercised though since there are some who would still consider such a connection punishable by death. In short how dare we have the temerity to assume that we can connect with the Lord Logos directly. Heresy!

There are those who have managed to hide the ways and means under the names of prayer and meditation or in our case HPT or Highly Precious Time. However it does, for full participation and benefit, involve the acceptance of the Divine presence. Presence in the fullest sense, continuously and eternally!

By so doing we need to allow a wireless connection that is effective 24/7. This entails the knowledge that there is something akin to a surveillance and a back and forth transfer of information that is continuous, rather like being in constant connection with a particular site on your computer, but this is directly into your mind with no hardware or hard disc and screen in between.

This transfer of knowledge, wisdom and vision is in effect the beginning of enlightenment. Heresy at its height if you will! But no way is it taking the name of the Lord in vain, more in recognition of the validity of the all consuming Love that is the means and the only power by which the transfer is allowed and effected.

Imagine a central radio station which we are all tuned into, but because the signal is transmitted on the frequency of Love we can turn it on or off.
The One basic Free Will Choice in operation!
Courtesy of Hanukah, at your service. Tune in any time!


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  1. cat says:

    You really it’s free will?


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