It is assumed, certainly when considering the path which the human race has taken, that there has been one predetermined pathway for us to follow to bring us to where we are today!

But when you also consider the amazing diversity of mammalian life in such places as Australasia, Borneo and Madagascar in communities left to their own in total seclusion and cut off from the rest of the world for thousands if not millions of years, this is where true differences show and make us wonder how we would have turned out had we taken another turn along our journey of evolution, perhaps even in seclusion, and all this since the last ice age!

We know of other branches of the human tree with large craniums and smaller brains, but we are still their cousins on a cleft in the major trunk of the mammalian tree. One of us decided to rid the world of the other which brings us to where we are today and I would suggest that this occurred literally through brute force and ignorance. And who won? In my opinion we were the losers.

Unwritten in any books there are legends and myths, but I would suggest more mystical than mythical of human ancestors who were in fact far more spiritual than we are even today, with all our trappings of religion.

When you think about it there are Masters now who walk this earth some called Shaman and others in the past destroyed under the title of Witch or Warlock and some who are named Avatar. Does that tell you something about the deep spirituality of these sorts of folks who have a connection, horizontal with the rest of us yes, but vertical with the Earth itself and the other kingdoms that share this place with us below, and in the other direction with the unseen.

It comes as no surprise that these folks are not of the ‘might is right’ brigade and are therefore easily eliminated since their wisdom and knowledge only inspires fear in the ‘might is right‘ fraternity.

Let us assume for a moment that the Master branches, if I can call them that, instead of being pruned away, had been left to proliferate, even cuttings taken and whole forests grown for the Masters to multiply, what a different world it would be today. With a greater emphasis on consciousness allowing access to every avenue of knowledge and wisdom in not just four, but from all directions we could have taken a totally different path that might have led to a whole world of forests of silver and golden branches of beautiful beings.

As hinted above I believe that we have already been there, but both individually and en masse as a race we decided to restrict our growth, knowledge and wisdom to the physical and it is only through the more spiritual aspect of development in the East that we are now frantically trying to recapture and return to a possible past.

But evolution does not work like that especially when the race consciousness has decided on its preferred path. Just think what a mammoth job it would be to turn back the clock although some have done a pretty good job of brain washing their populations into beliefs that are without foundation and only designed to maintain a slave workforce.

But that is not the way of the Master, that is the way of the Despot and it is awe inspiring how even in death those Despots still command mass reverence, like Chairman Mau which I have just seen. And it is not as if he was seen as human and allowed to make mistakes so it is said, his mistakes that cost the lives of thousands of his own people are conveniently forgotten.

Or was it just part of the evolution of the Chinese people who seem to have inherited mass amnesia or are they too afraid to remember? There is a lot to be said for management by fear as we can see in many other countries too!

The aspiration of the thinking ones, trying to use their consciousness for good effect, under the guise of Ascension and or Enlightenment are still missing an essential link. You might think that with today’s multimedia connectivity only an idiot could miss a thing, but the links, and yes there are actually more than one, are within and not outside of the self.

The race we once were, that was overruled and forced to give up its connection capacity or suffer the ultimate sacrifice, we nevertheless are frantically trying to recover that link through various means. Some believe that religion is the answer as we fervently follow a prophet like Moses, Jesus, Mohammad or the present day leaders of one of thousands of cults who supposedly pass on their divine inspiration.

But you see even inspiration has to be interpreted, then usually, as is the human way, misinterpreted by followers, changed out of all recognition and coloured to control those same faithful followers who are persuaded to follow a certain pattern, ritual and manmade law. Yes man made! For there are no God made laws to counteract our free will. If there was one it would be Thou Shalt Not Kill which we have conveniently forgotten, not as one country but as a race it seems!

For me the time of intermediaries is way past their sell by date, from the present, past or remote past. What does that say to you? To me it leaves the way open for the optimum expression of the Divine Gift of Free-Will.

Had that been the pattern from the start when mans’ brain had grown to the required size to accept the so called God Gene of consciousness we could have taken that entirely spiritual path which some are trying so hard to recover.

If you are at all in doubt about the possibility of a vertical connection, you might already have an affinity with nature, but all of a sudden you get that thought that makes you wonder, ‘where did that come from?’
Well, where did it come from?

You see there it was! The vertical connection, that make no mistake, is always there and occasionally you allow to bleed through to your waking consciousness. There are a few of us who have taken a step closer to that way and may receive a few more moments of intuition than most. Some communicators refer to us as Masters even now and so we all are but sadly we do not acknowledge it, accept it or allow it!

The intriguing question is: What would happen to mankind in the long term if we all took that little step? You know what they say, “Little step, little step!”
Maybe it will in fact, if enough of us follow, be a giant leap in evolution!
Fellow Masters. (Re) evolve with me with Love, Hanukah


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4 Responses to EVOLUTION

  1. cat says:

    … taking little baby steps … still feel like I don’t belong (don’t want to either) … or like I am a different species … maybe it’s because I never watch TV and thus am living in a different world … but I like it this way … I had enough trauma growing up … don’t need any more trauma … does this make sense to you?, because it does to me … Love, cat.


    • David says:

      Let’s face it Cat you are unique and it cannot be any other way. Trauma was a way of proving to you that you would get through it and not only survive but also to thrive. Chaos is good … watch out for more challenges just to prove you are up to them! Love, David


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    Wow !! Yes.. what would have happened if we, as a race, had take that step into evolution ?
    I dare not think how our Planet would be different… How many of our “GOOD” people did we burn and torture only because they frightened us and seemed different.
    Tyrants and false Prophets do not permit to be contradicted. They will go to all extents to make sure no one will follow those who dared protest.
    Should we ignore them and keep silent ? Should we not share our knowledge and experiences if we feel that our horizontal connection has been fruitful ?
    I do believe we have the mission to share, no to impose, what has been revealed so that others too, following our example might allow the great connection to illuminate also their lives.
    Thank you for this great piece of advice… May we all be awakened before it is too late.

    Love and Light to you, David, and to all those who will read this post.



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