This followed World at War:
Is it possible that anyone could find war satisfying?
Well, we’ve spoken before about the ones who make money from munitions but what of the men and women in boots on the ground?

There is no doubt that from the deep feelings of grief about the way they are treated, certain members of the population decide initially, at any rate, to protest peacefully to see if their president or government could be persuaded to change policies that would benefit the common people and restore human rights.
How many times have we seen that there is little chance to change the vested interests of the rich and powerful that might help the poor, but at the their own expense? No way!

There seems to be a common gene that comes to the surface more prominently in some than in others to join others in a fight. The side they are on appears as nebulous as their reason for joining the fight in the first place. But once on the battlefield there is the generation of the sort of bonding and camaraderie that one would perhaps find in a football team.

Strange to say, but regardless it seems of any foreseen outcome, there is a strange disregard of danger and at the same time the kind of happiness that is experienced by teams who take on the most difficult of tasks such as the trek to the South Pole or the ascent of Everest.

We have to reach back into the remote past to find equivalent vibrations of vitality to fight for something that has affected large numbers of people throughout the bloodied pages of history, which are filled with the squabbles over borders to the journeys of thousands of miles to fight for and protect a Holy City under the banner of a Crusade, where of course religion rears its reluctant head!

Modern times reveals what may be held in place by a powerful ruler upon whose death the land falls into civil war, or as we are witnessing now even while one is still in control he is challenged with the result of a devastation and displacement not seen since the last World War.

War in all its forms seems to fulfil a need which I find difficult to understand but unilaterally invites the warring factions to fight for a cause and then at the slightest whim to change sides or start to fight each other.

The factions are often given names to satisfy those in power to counter their guerrilla tactics and supposed justifications at the expense of their own people, with cities, towns and villages reduced to rubble.

Those of the international elite spout words that mean little since the need to match their words with actions is, from whatever quarter, blocked and while we all appreciate the relative peace of a political solution sadly nothing of that nature will work in this strange dichotomy of death that is dealt out daily in the fast dissolving country of Syria.

There is only one man who can put an end to this human tragedy but like his father before him he will stop at nothing to preserve his own domain. He is a man out of time, remembering that time is a child of space and soon his space will be no more.

In the meantime as we have seen with other conflicts, despite the inevitable human cost it can only be left to continue to spill its own blood until its consciousness suffers a sea change into something rich and strange and possibly beyond recognition.

Within that process those who continue to kill find this unbelievable level of satisfaction and happiness. Where does your happiness come from? It is certainly not the same brand of happiness of Hanukah or is it? Perhaps you define happiness differently, where satisfaction takes on a changed perspective!


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2 Responses to SATISFACTION of WAR

  1. cat says:

    Dreamt last night, that you will stop teaching through your blogs, David. When I checked the computer, I couldn’t find your note any where … so glad … smiles


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