Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:
From my comfortable computer chair it would be easy to look out at the beautiful valley in which we live and become complacent, but being a sensitive sort of soul I find what goes on outside, in the books I read, the programs and news bulletins I see that I actually feel the stress and the pain of others. Consequently much to the disbelief of some there are certain things I cannot watch.

In living memory we have had WWI and WWII, Civil Wars, Wars of Genocide and Religion that still go on. I was born six months into WWII and in its midst my parents could take no more, and due mainly to misinformation divorced. You may have thought it went on just between the warring parties, but it happened on a personal level as well with, I can confirm, devastating results!

When we look at the news and see the number of bombs dropped and the numbers killed we see the carnage and tend to think only of the dead bodies piling up or being thrown down into mass graves and forget what follows for those left behind.

Scars are left on the outside for all to see but those on the inside have a habit of surfacing in the most devastating ways affecting not only the minds and bodies of those immediately concerned, but also to their close companions and further on to families, friends and humanity at large.

I try, like most of us, to find happiness in all that I think, say, do and view, but it seems that despite what the happiness hippies may say we are a World at War and there is hardly a country or state that is not at war in some way shape or form. The list is endless as even the minorities seem to make the most noise over politics, land or religion.

With strikes and sit ins, secret societies sending their misinformation it’s so easy these days with the power of social media to organise a party, a meeting, or a massacre.

Complacency gives way to terror at the thought of what will happen next! It is said that in order to change the world we must firstly change ourselves, but how do you reach and teach the hearts and minds of those who relish riots and random killings. How do you bring any level of understanding to those whose only wealth is a round mud hut, a machete and a mobile phone in the middle of a barren land.

They see so easily now what others have and naturally they want some of that too, if not all of it. And the next day their hut is burnt to the ground! All they have left now is a weapon, a phone and a heart filled with anger and a mind filled with thoughts of retribution. It is a strong man or woman whose mind is filled with forgiveness!

When a man spends 28 years in prison, for what? And still teaches forgiveness on his release, he has a lot to teach the rest of the world never mind the people of his own South Africa. It is not every day that a man of the stature of Madiba comes along. Please God his legacy is to teach the rest of the world how to get along together and how to forgive.

I don’t know about you but it makes me feel rather helpless, especially now that he has passed away and I pray that his legacy will never be forgotten. Nelson Mandela’s story should be on the curriculum of every school in the whole world. When you hear about the attempts never to let the Holocaust of WWII be forgotten, despite its denial by some including bishops, I hear very little of forgiveness!

All healing begins with forgiveness and the most important forgiving, since all dis-ease begins in the mind, should start with forgiving ourselves. Only then can we reach out to others and forgive, only then can hearts be at peace, only then can we become free of war. Only when our consciousness reaches these new levels can happiness assume its rightful place as a new level in the minds of mankind.
With Heartfelt pleas for Peace, Hanukah


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5 Responses to WORLD at WAR

  1. These are the thoughts your post prompted.
    Forgiving is the antidote to hate it brings peace to our mind.
    Peace can spread as ripples on a pond.
    Peace starts in one’s mind.
    Then peaceful thoughts can be cast into media pond.
    Thank you David for your thought provoking blog on forgiving.


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear, dear David.. My first reaction while reading your post was that of being helpless ; but then I knew there was more, we are not helpless, we are warriers but warriers of Peace.
    As you I am a child of WW.II and my life was branded by the ugly iron of the Shoah. Those I loved or could have loved never came back from their trip to their home land … Auschwitz was to become the eternal abode of their human remains.
    Still I don’t keep any grudge against those who by Life’s mysterious reasons were or are born in the same country as those we call criminals. No siree, we don’t have to amalgamate the children with their parents… and that is exactly what Madiba did … he didnot make that mistake , he forgave and tried to help his people to forgive and forget they once were slaves in their own country.
    Peace should start in every household first, and while we know this is already so very difficult, we should never give up. Dialogues can be helpful as long as one of the participants did not decide to go deaf.
    Love thy neighbour as you love thy G.od… not as you love yourself… because too often that is the worst type of love we can imagine.
    Yes, David, the confort of our own homes and the peace that seemingly surrounds us should never dry out our hearts and our compassion… We have a mission, whatever its name is, and one day we will know that we have come to perform it … and maybe then we will know that we are Warriers of Peace.
    Thank you … may Light and Love always be welcomed guests in your House.


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