First let’s remind ourselves of our own health: Throughout our lives we have, for one reason or another, through the power of our consciousness been able to modify the functions of our bodies often to enhance, but many times to deplete the systems, organs or certain cells.

By the act of depletion we have managed to kill off many cells that would otherwise join with all other cells to contribute to and enhance the well being of the whole body, easy to do simply by the power of the mind, but contrary to the utopian view of some that it is just as easy to replace the damaged cells. But not so!

It would take maybe a second or two to kill off a cell but a lifetime of constant prayer, self healing and meditation to replace and a strong belief in either ourselves or an outside source of healing for its replacement.

Look at the world in which we live, pock marked with holes that lead to mines now exhausted of everything from coal, mineral ores and sucked dry of the natural lubricant of the tectonic plates used to fuel our cars and machines and no way can we go back in time to replace what we have taken, by prayer, healing or meditation back to the way it once was and the photon belt was a myth!

Certain countries ruled by the equivalent of wayward children think nothing of nuclear tests and would not hesitate to press the button for the final nuclear war that would start a chain reaction with others responding in like manner, an eye for an eye, but this time the world would not only be blind but the reaction through the hydrogen link would annihilate what we have left of this wonderful Garden of Eden which we call Earth.

There are companies that seek to own us, by patenting all of our human genes and those also of plants and animals so that they become the Masters of the World. You know who I am talking about! There is ample evidence that this has happened before on other planets and no doubt will happen again. Where would we be without our water and our atmosphere? Mars?

If and when the Human Masters can get their voracious hands on another planet, when they are the only ones left and with Earth so depleted there is nothing worth staying for except of course the rest of us, whom they now own completely and treat as slaves. Is that how you want the world to end?

Let me explain:
No one is to be adored.
No one is better than anyone else.
No one is anyone else’s slave.

Is it worth trying to save what we have left?
Is it worth fighting to keep us and our home out of the sticky fingers of the presumptuous masters of the Earth who seek to control us at any cost?
Is it not worth resurrecting the means to power our lives without the use of carbon based non-renewable fuels?

The inventions have already been made and are locked away in the vaults of secrets that will never be opened if we do not act until it is too late, while in the meantime we are forced to continue to deplete and poison the planet which is our home.

Would you treat your family home, your parents, your children and your friends in this way, or don’t you care?

We have not only depleted the planet but we have depleted ourselves by the over use of drugs both pharmaceutical and recreational. We have poisoned the atmosphere, look at the fog in China and other emerging nations, we have poisoned the rivers and oceans, look at the sea birds and the oceanic mammals we have poisoned including our streams and rivers that feed the oceans and soon there will be no safe water to drink that is not chemically manufactured.

We have chastised the Banks, but it will be a generation before they are fully regulated, the corporations that make millions out of munitions, out of doctors and chemists to prescribe us with poisonous pills that only make us weaker not stronger.

What can you do to stop the rot?
Stand up and be counted. Sign every petition to rid the world of corporate power, of big oil and big pharma and every attempt you come across that will make your life hell instead of the heaven that you deserve. I believe that we all deserve to be free, happy, healthy and at peace.
Protest in Peace and search for Happiness with Hanukah


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  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you David .. for reminding us that WE possess the words to defend ourselves and to remind the Powerful that they have to count with the not so Powerless… Revolutions have changed the world, unfortunately never without bloody wars. Hopefully it will not come to that anymore and those who have to listen will hear before it is too late.
    We should always remember that we are Humans and that by being INTELLIGENT ( or so they say ! ) we are ALL responsible for the well being of Nature.
    Yes the Blue Planet could be a Garden of Eden .. IF .. humans had not invaded it without thinking first…As I often have heard lately .. Man is cutting the branch he is sitting on… and when he will lie, broken, at the root of the tree he will complain about its frailty ( that of the tree, of course ).

    Yes we have words and also a will.. let’s use it for the best of our Blue Planet and ALL its inhabitants.
    Light and Love to you and to all those who will read your post.



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