Did you ever imagine that you had made the wrong choice?
Actually, you know, there is no such thing! You may not like where you are at the moment but rest assured you are meant to be there even just for a snap shot or for a longer term. But what’s going on inside is a constant directing towards a better and better place for you to be.

Still doesn’t sound right?
The operative word is MEANT!
And the best way for you to come to terms with where you are is to go into those precious moments of HPT when you invite the Trinity to meet up and share the rhymes and the reasons for the amazing challenges that put you in the right place at the right time for you to prove who and what you are, even though you may think it was the wrong choice that put you there.

Let’s face it: if you really are at odds with your Now moment then you can change it to suit yourself. A word of warning: When you do take that 180º turn be very careful that it is not in the wrong direction for your highest good. You will however come back to the path of your true purpose. It can’t be helped as your inner self will direct you back to, dare I say, the straight and narrow! But none of us want to waste any time getting there. Or do we?

If you feel you are in a rut and seek help from your friends, doctor, priest, healer or medium, the latter as we now know should be treated as entertainment, whatever is revealed from whatever source is normally the best choice of a number of avenues that may occur to the oracle that you trust and consult.

There are many charlatans in every faculty of life and some countries are more tolerant of free speech and quackery than others, but if you finally come to what I would call the Best Choice I would recommend a good spiritual medium.
Finding a good one though is a tough challenge, and in this respect I guess I am lucky as I live with one of the best in the world. Great entertainment!

However, I have to say that what comes out of our discussions is the best choice of a number of options seen from a much higher viewpoint than the surface of the Earth on which we stand. But here’s the rub: nothing that comes out from any source is written in stone. Mankind was given Free Will which means that you can follow completely that which is received, modify it a bit or ignore it completely. As always, it’s up to you!

It’s not something that only happens when you consciously think about it because it is a continuous mental process that comes with consciousness and consciousness, despite what you may think, especially when speeding towards old age, is forever expanding.

In the latter respect us seniors have a unique opportunity, if we would only accept and take advantage of a changing consciousness that allows us to renew, yes renew our whole thinking process to a totally new level. So you forget what you had for lunch yesterday, but is that really important?

The Best Choice you can make is to use your new found level of consciousness to truly know yourself, find out what really makes you tick and remember if you can, (but if not read this again) that changing your mind is the way you start to change the world!

I found in retirement a new found freedom that made me wonder how on earth I ever had time to go to work! Use your freedom to do the things that make you happy. Do you know what that will do to your consciousness?

Life is all about becoming, since nothing is ever finished and done, the whole Universe is in a state of becoming and so are you. So to do the things that make you happy means that your consciousness has found a new level. Do whatever allows that state of becoming to become a permanent level of consciousness. The Best Choice you could ever make, because this is where true happiness lies.
Love, Hanukah


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