“Ring-a-ring o’ roses,
A pocket full of posies,
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down”
This rhyme sung by me as a child and by children all over, probably appeared in the late 1700’s supposedly holding hands and dancing in a circle and at the end falling to the ground, just like we did. Although disputed by some it was said to mimic the symptoms of the plague that involved having circular reddish blotches on the skin, like a ring of red roses, and sneezing before other unpleasant conditions appeared before eventually falling down dead.

People carried little sweet smelling posies, like balls of lavender, rose petals or oranges spiked with cloves, supposedly to ward off the bugs and also the putrid smells of the time with many falling foul to the plague. The carts were wheeled through the streets and the grave diggers picked up the dead bodies.

Now when people sneeze in view of the remembrance of the plague the natural reaction of those standing by is to say, “Bless you!” “Salud!” in France or here in Spain, “Jesus!” (pronounced “Hesus!”.)

We ask a blessing on many occasions especially for food or for healing and always at the close of our meetings we say: “May the Lord Bless us all”.
Which actually is unnecessary because we are not pleading, praying or imploring for the blessing of the Almighty, because the blessing is already there and the Grace of the Lord is always with us, so long as we are prepared to accept it!

All it is, is a way for us, and maybe those who are strange to our company, to understand and remember that fact! We talk about the many gifts that we are given, like art, music or mathematics, but of course these gifts are there for the soul set-ups of the life purpose, but there is so much given continuously to us that unless we are aware of it and accept it, the gifts may never reach us and the blessings may just bounce off and we are none the wiser.

Some of us are brought up either by parents or schools or both to be supremely confident and with an inbuilt sense that we are the mental crème de la crème and a cut above the rest. With that kind of mental appreciation of one’s self it almost includes a built-in blessing and therefore virtually no need to be told it’s just assumed! Pity we are not all coached like that. Do you see that it is not religion of any kind it is purely Gnosis. In other words a knowing that this is the way it is!

So when you think about it, if we are all aware there is no need at all for a blessing because it’s already there. Habits are hard to break and we still say ‘Bless you!’ when someone sneezes. If nothing else it raises a smile that someone should take the trouble to be concerned about the needs, health and feelings of someone else. And all I can tell you is it’s the same in many if not all languages!

So from the point of view of raising the level of happiness of all those around us, it pays to be the first to say good morning, holá, bon dia or buenos dias and to raise that smile. Many of the locals are shy and do not have the confidence we spoke of above, so it is down to us foreigners to be the first to wave, to speak and smile, and yes to bless.

The other thing we try to do is to remember their names and I mean everyone from the postman to the surgeon and rather than complain, which seems to be the raison d’être of some, we always write letters of thanks. When you say their name they know that you care and it’s like giving them a blessing and you are blessed in return with a smile!
Bless and smile and you will find Happiness with Hanukah


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4 Responses to BLESS YOU

  1. While in San Diego, CA last year, I came upon many a soul who took well to having you notice their presence while standing or sitting on the sidewalk, propped against a wall. In the morning, and all through the day… ola como esta, high five, fist pound and lock, a nod… hello. Miguel, Sunny, Tony, K.K. , Yolanda, Daniel, Hector, Indy, Ray and the rest of you who’s names I did not know. * smiles* And then again at night, while walking along the fence wall, past campsite after campsite on the way to yours. ‘ Sleep well’, ‘ goodnight’, a smile here and there, as we all hunker down.
    It matters not if you live in a home or on the streets, the game is the same, whether you know their names or not. We all like feeling we’re not invisible and that we matter. * smiles*


  2. cat says:

    Bless you too, Spiritman … come dance with me … smiles … Love, cat.


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