We’ve often talked with friends about either stopping the almost obligatory watching of the news, you know, to keep up with the world we live in, though at the same time not becoming part of it. A difficult balancing act and some of our friends and acquaintances have taken the ultimate step and thrown out the TV!

I remember the relaxing of communist control in Yugoslavia and the consequent war that brought us the disparate states that we have today and we are still reliving the atrocities that took place at the time as each of those responsible is brought to justice at the I.C.C.

From the spiritual overview I remember seeing the dark cloud that hung over that country, so full of hundreds of years of hate kept under control by the thumb of communism, which could never have been cleared peacefully and war being the only option.

Sadly it seems that every human trained and engaged in such a devastating venture sees it as an excuse for the perpetration of slaughter and torture of anyone who does not fit their bill, their idea of race, creed or colour. Is that why so many rush off as mercenaries to kill as many as they can?

You cannot talk peace without the admission of war! And if you object to war the rest of your community will surely brand you as a conscientious objector or worse a coward and you could be sent to prison or shot on the spot.

In a previous life, when plate armour first came in, me and a comrade were not used to the weight, taking a short cut and sinking in a bog we were delayed behind the advance, branded wrongly as cowards and hung! Is it any wonder that the veil is drawn over past experience where I might not have understood the reason and only seen myself as a coward?

Disagreements of any kind can be upsetting to the point that the consciousness finds itself in a spin, logic flies out of the window and we are prone to do everything and anything out of character. It is easy to see how we can become infected by not external, but by an internal disagreement where the synapses of the brain react contrary to normal behaviour due to mal-belief.

Is this what war does to us? Even the all American boys fighting as peace keepers in foreign lands have been accused of torturing and killing innocent civilians and come home mentally shattered. Why? What drove them to such out of character behaviour? Or on the other hand was the seed already planted by the Constitution that allows all to bear arms and defend themselves, where some even get away with killing innocent unarmed teenagers ion their own country?

Is it fear that drives the Gun Lobby, in any country, which it seems has reached into the hearts of everyone it touches and removed the words, ‘Thou shalt not kill’ and that includes all who call themselves Christian and attend church every Sunday?

We complain at the malnutrition of the millions due to famines brought on, not by nature, but by the bad management and greed of the governing bodies that still resort to violence and killing of a sect or a tribe not of their own. We complain about the resurgence of diseases like polio which we had thought was at last gone forever and yet there are those who kill the aid workers who administer life saving drugs and vaccinations.

The ignorance of some, fostered by the ruling elite through disinformation, beggars belief but it is merely a symptom of the ancient art of keeping the masses ignorant and away from education of any kind and therefore under control. It has been practiced by religions and kingdoms since time began and when the rulers make millions out of war feeding their own folks as cannon fodder you can understand that their conscience must have been wiped clean too.

What force will be necessary in order to bring us all away from the path of might and back to the way of right? In my view it is the individual right of each of us to decide that war is not our way. You do not subscribe to war of any kind. The only kind that you will subscribe to is kindness.

If you do not recognise war in time you will begin to remove war from your memory and far from wiping your conscience clear, you will wipe your memory clear of all reference to war and a new understanding will blossom in your brain, and when peace replaces all antagonistic reference, the level of your consciousness can only rise to happiness. Step into peace with Hanukah


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8 Responses to WAR & PEACE

  1. cat says:

    Peace starts in the heart … so much war going on in people’s hearts, David … that’s why world peace will never happen … you hear me, it’ll ever happen … but I can help my neighbour through the day … today … smiles … Love always, cat.


    • David says:

      How wise thou art sweet Cat. But if a dried up river bed might one day run again would that stop you pouring one glass of water a day into this parched place? We should all help our neighbours through the day then maybe, just maybe peace will come again. Love, David


  2. ” In my view it is the individual right of each of us to decide that war is not our way. “..

    So True David another well written and thought our post.. We are all beginning to tap into the thought stream as we wake up the world to what we do.. When all we need do is CHANGE our selves.. And then we will get mirrored back Peace.. But only when we give it out, and stop judging, petty arguments over boundaries with neighbours! and family feuds.. How can we expect the world to find Peace if we cannot live together within families!??? So your above sentence spoke volumes..
    Peace to you David.. and Love Sue


    • David says:

      What was it Ghandi said? “An eye for and eye makes the whole world blind!” War is not our way but when will we, mankind realise it? Love, David


  3. eugene1492 says:

    May Peace be finally delivered and War sent back to the Abyss whence it came from.
    I loved your Blog, David, and approve every word of it.. Yes, he who refuses to take up arms is a coward … this artificial condescending attitude from the arms moguls worked well and we all fell into the trap believing fighting was a proof of virility and that a good ennemy is a dead ennemy;.
    supposedly, but when does my neighbour become my ennemy.
    Too often those who will stay behind the firelines are those who gain most of any war.. they will be honoured because they have sent young people to their deaths .. to defend … to defend what ?
    Why did the war start ? Why have the “others” invaded my fatherland ? What did I have that they were missing ?
    Liberty through Fraternity because we should all live in Equality… That, at least, was the “dream” of the French Revolution … filling nevertheless the streets of Paris with blood and deads … Did they learn ? I don’t think so ?
    I sit in front of my History book and I weep… I weep for so many have died a senseless death.

    Thank you, David, for reminding us that Peace is better than War, even if it means less money in the pockets of the Arms producers.
    But as they say ” There is no peace for the … wicked ” but ” none for the meek either.


    • David says:

      As my almost namesake but no doubt cousin Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote, “into the valley to death rode the six hundred” and he wonders if someone had blundered! I feel that all war is a blunder but then there are wars where no other is possible – look at the Mahabharata! Love David


  4. The positonalities brought to us via the agenda machine, is something we could all use less of. Within these pockets of time lie atrocities, where there is always a victim / perpetrator, and the supposed answer, to avenge, even kill in order to bring about justice. Its not so much about completely distancing ourselves from these happenings; but how we feel about them and perceive those around us afterwards; the fear factor. From a wider perspective, one sees beyond what the cameras lens shows, and the words spoken.The numbers are many of those who have lived through wars, scars not always seen on the outside. What of those who hurt, yet, never stepped foot in what one might deem a war zone? Fixing this one thing, is not the answer; killing isn’t either. The answer, lies within my heart, your heart, where all change starts. Herein, the peace we all seek will be found.


    • David says:

      Yes indeed Sharon, it all must begin within. Change, the greatest power gifted to us allows us to change ourselves and when we are all changed hopefully to bring all minds together in peace, war will cease. Love David


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