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We tend to live longer these days with generally improved diets and living conditions, from China to the USA and with that come the challenges of aging populations and the burdens put upon the young if and when they can find work.
Healthier? Well that’s a moot point with Junk riding the wave!

There was once a time with a certain population upon this planet when age was not a problem and longevity was something that could be extended according to the wishes of those concerned.

In general the human race looks upon life span emotionally with expectations that offspring will outlive their parents and if that fails to happen they will cry, ‘but that’s not meant to be like that’. We know about death and taxes but when it doesn’t happen the way we want we get upset.

How is it meant to happen?

It is a fact that there are certain challenges set for us to confront and we can more or less guarantee they will come every twelve months. Death on the other hand is one of those imponderables of life, inevitable but unknown exactly when. The challenge is how to deal with it when it comes, both for ourselves and for those around us.

Death scares me not, I just have qualms about the manner in which the grim reaper will appear. The thing I still have to accept is that those who know about these things tell us that, at the deepest level within us, we know how and when we will depart our physical existence.

Because at that level the way we view death, or should I say life in all its exuberance, harmony, love and well-being, to go on living a life we love will allow us indeed to go on until thoughts at our deep conscious level, as is only natural for us humans, begin to turn towards life after death or a non-physical existence.

We tend also to marvel at the long lives of some when if we were honest and follow the advice of the masters and lived our lives doing what makes us happy and meeting all of our challenges with love and fortitude realising that what we all see as mountains are in fact little mole hills or just pebbles we can kick down the road of life, then we would also live as long.

We tend to be long lived on my mother’s side and her sister, my dearest and last remaining aunt has just turned ninety. Numbers seem to mean a lot to us humans as well and to be honest I’ve never been able to get my head round numbers or numerology since to me all numbers are manmade like the year 2000, the dates of 11.11.11. and 12.12.12 that so much fuss was made about on so many fronts that just past me by like a spring breeze!

The Post ‘Numbers’ on Christmas Day 25th December 2013 showed that I barely get beyond ONE with any confidence!

But I have to say that it is not the passage of time that determines the moment, as we all know, the passage from this life to another can happen at any time, but I am a firm believer in the attitude of mind, spirit or consciousness that continually looks forward with a lust for life and desire for more through a creative crush on the next fabulous thing with which to engage.

Only now are scientists beginning to recognise the changes that take place naturally in the brain as we age providing an almost teenage like renewal that we need to learn how to cope with rather than fear as the onset of some debilitating cell damage!

Stimulation of the brain through all of these avenues can only add to the extension of life as we know it and gentle exercise through all of the desirable activities liking dancing is the way to be.

If you are young, close to or like me past the Biblical limit, dance with me into this New Year where I feel much is about to happen!
Love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to LONG LIFE

  1. I think we are in for a very enlightening year David.. Keep dancing! Live Long and Prosper! 🙂 Wishing you all the very best for 2014 xx


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